Wednesday, 16 October 2013


At Real Bad Wednesday on 16/10/13, we were lucky enough to have Shane Fahey from Scattered Order come and jam with all of us. He brought enough analogue synthesizers for everyone, and ones that I didn't even know existed. Yay! (#techhead).  It was great to see Shane so genuinely interested in sharing his knowledge and equipment with us as well as taking an interest in what we are all doing. We jammed all night, it was mega!!! Here's a quote from Tim Green, "What if Stockhausen had a laptop?"... I'm sure he would come to the Real Bad Music UFO landing strip...

Real Bad Analogue Synthesis

Spaceship Commanders:
Adam Park, Rohan Holiday, Tim Green, Rachael Archibald, Timmy Joseph, Max Fowler-Roy, Jason Bright, Matt Earle, Nicola Morton.

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Drawings In On|In Paper (on Auction)

Drawings exhibited at Substation Gallery, Paddington for "On|In Paper" Jul 2 - 28 2013.

Donated to Auction at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art.

Here is a photo of Nicola Morton's drawing "S&M: Equalizer 24k" installed by Kelly Keating..thanks :-)

Nicola Morton took up drawing when her Radical Computer Music teacher, Goodiepal (Kristian Paarl Vester) told her she just had to do it. If drawing in crayons made her happy, just do it. She didn't only have to do music. So, she distinctly draws to make herself happy, to alleviate visions and dreams from her subconscious and connect to the earth again. 

S&M DVD is available on mailorder via - a 2 hour DVD anthology of works of Nicola Morton and Simbi Dare.

Bad Intentions - Review

The punk duo I'm in has a review up on Bristol-based Infinite Limits

Bad Intentions is Nicola Morton (Club Sound Witches, Equalizer 24K, ABBAABBA et al) and Rebecca Hlodich, artists who formed a duo in April 2013. According to the duo's Facebook page, Bad Intentions is about "looking past' or 'seeing through'... we are two girls all about love and clearing judgements. These artists are involved in primitive electronics, punk, rock, abstract poetry, and performance art, and more or less everything else in between, it seems. "Over", released as a CDr on the Brisbane-based Breakdance The Dawn label, captures a live set with the duo using electric guitars and f/x to articulate 13 pieces of fucked-up avant-rock confusion. 

Here are some pics from our recent performance at Metro Arts, Gallery.

Image Credit: Alan Warren

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Wardenburger - Review

David Keenan over at Volcanic Tongue, has reviewed Wardenburger's selftitled release out on Albert's Basement

"Warden Burger
Alberts Basement AB-42

Great new 90 minute album from this psychedelic/improvisatory collective from Brisbane: Warden Burger consist of Henry Mills on electronics, Skye McNicol on violin, Jule Small on vocals, Rohan Halliday on keyboard, Alex Cuffe on percussion, Nicola Morton on synth, Dylan Jeffries on guitar and Adam Park on bass. They channel the heady cultic deep-space vibe of East Bionic Symphonia but a more hands-on/basement punk style, setting out for new zones of weird melodic stasis in a way that touches on the more abstruse NNCK strategies circa A Tabu Two, with passages that consist of nothing but padding percussion and woozy electronics/strings that could almost be the Charlie Nothing big band live from the Bardo Matrix."