Wednesday 9 October 2013

Wardenburger - Review

David Keenan over at Volcanic Tongue, has reviewed Wardenburger's selftitled release out on Albert's Basement

"Warden Burger
Alberts Basement AB-42

Great new 90 minute album from this psychedelic/improvisatory collective from Brisbane: Warden Burger consist of Henry Mills on electronics, Skye McNicol on violin, Jule Small on vocals, Rohan Halliday on keyboard, Alex Cuffe on percussion, Nicola Morton on synth, Dylan Jeffries on guitar and Adam Park on bass. They channel the heady cultic deep-space vibe of East Bionic Symphonia but a more hands-on/basement punk style, setting out for new zones of weird melodic stasis in a way that touches on the more abstruse NNCK strategies circa A Tabu Two, with passages that consist of nothing but padding percussion and woozy electronics/strings that could almost be the Charlie Nothing big band live from the Bardo Matrix."

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