Monday, 12 July 2021

Club Sound Witches Cassette on Knotwilg Records (Belgium)


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Club Sound Witches are an Australian outfit bursting out music the last couple of years regular as a clock. The equivalent of Mosquitoes in a techno matter if you want. That is: if you take the deconstructivism into a techno level. It's like bubbling into a 16rpm Chain Reaction party. A haze of vocals buried deep in a wavering fields of electronics with a beat which is obliterated into a kind of ambient-drone but way to sharp to keep it safe for purists.

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Bad Internet Video Series

A blinking smile – a face frozen in time. That moment where you know you missed something or caught something that was not meant to be seen…

Our frustrations with the fallibility of the internet play out in Nicola Morton‘s Bad Internet. In this series of video and audio recordings, Morton uses Zoom to document performances by artists Kate Brown and Mark Brown. These disjointed records ask the viewer to find beauty in the degraded artefact.
Bad Internet furthers Morton’s process of modifying performance documentation based on the strength of the Wi-Fi connection at the scene of capture.

This series was commissioned by Our Neon Foe and presented as part of No Show.

Thursday, 25 February 2021

STSTARI Opening Show

 Club Sound Witches playing premiere show at STST.ARI, Katoomba, Blue Mountains.

Flyer by @cdandco

Saturday, 20 February 2021

Soft Pedal II: #Electricpulses Workshop with Nicola Morton

Funded by Create NSW, and in partnership with I.C.E, Blacktown Council and The Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre.



Discover the nuts and bolts of experimental electronic music in this one-day intensive Masterclass, exploring the theremin, and using Ableton, keyboards, and sample packs.

Suitable for emerging sound artists and sound enthusiasts, this Masterclass offers experimental music makers in greater western Sydney the chance to expand their skills, connect with other like-minded music-makers and upgrade their production skills.

Electronic artist Nicola Morton (Equalizer 24K) and synth genius Faith Chaza explore how electric pulses affect the pitch and velocity of sound to create frequency rhythms, guiding participants through the process of creating their own piece of sound art that they can take home.

Cost: Free
Facilitators: Nicola Morton and Faith Chaza
Age: 15 and over
Materials: Equipment provided but participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops/computers/equipment
Dates and times:
Saturday 13 March
11 am to 5 pm
At the Leo Kelly Blacktown Art Centre

Book here:

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

'Bad Internet' Video Series @our_neon_foe IG FB SC

 A blinking smile - a face frozen in time in our Zoom meeting. That moment where you know you missed something or caught something that was not meant to be caught...


16 February: @our_neon_foe Instagram

18 February: @ourneonfoe Soundcloud

19 February: @ourneonfoe Facebook

In "Bad Internet," a series of video and audio recordings, we see our frustrations with the fallibility of the Internet played out. The audience is asked to find beauty in the stillness and/or degraded artefact rather than FOMO. My previous work series "Wireless Psychics Experiments #1-10 " also arose out of bad internet frustration. For example, one of the performances was a challenge to pick the spot in the room with the strongest Wi-Fi signal. And within that performance,  I found a love for the chance of glitch in performance documentation.

::Downloads:3OCT15 Nicola Morton (IMA):pics for web:web77_WirelessPsychicsExperiment3_AlanWarren.jpg

Nicola Morton. WPE (The Photos) (iii), 2015. Digital photo print, 12” x  8”. Photo by Alan Warren.

 Nicola Morton. Wireless Psychics Experiment #5 (2015-10-13). hyper-Linked video, 1:29 (left), text (right).

In 2020, video conferencing has entered the everyday and most of us have experienced a frozen face from time to time..

The first two video and/or audio artefacts in the “Bad Internet” series will come from recordings of performances by Kate Brown and Mark Brown at Carriageworks for Our Neon Foe.

Monday, 8 February 2021

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