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Saturday, 20 September 2014

USA Tour Xwave

Since the beginning of this year I have been playing in former Blue Mountains band, x-wave.

We will be touring the USA over September/October. Here are our dates and some tour photos. yay for xwave!! xwave xwave and sun of the seventh sister

Sun 21st - New York @ Death by Audio, confirmed, xNoBBQx, X Wave,  with Degreaser, Apache Dropout http://www.entertainment4every1.net/shows/

Tues 23rd - Baltimore @ guerilla show, confirmed xNoBBQx, X Wave + locals TBA

Wed 24th - Providence @ 95 Empire, confirmed xNoBBQx, X Wave, Dawn Raid, Ukiah Drag https://www.facebook.com/events/587834371339667/590258994430538

Thursday 25th - Boston@ Deep Thoughts JP, xNoBBQx, X Wave 

Friday 26th - Philadelphia@ Bourbon & Branch, Taiwan Housing Project, xNoBBQx, Proexibitors, X Wave https://www.facebook.com/events/428438180630915/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

Sat 27th - New York @ Issue project room xNoBBQx and X Wave supporting Keiji Haino - not confirmed yet but should be cool http://issueprojectroom.org/event/keiji-haino-xnobbqx-x-wave

Sun 28th Columbus @ Bourbon St, confirmed xNoBBQx, X Wave w/ Matt Horseshit.. sorry can’t find rest of details right now

Monday 29th - Detroit @ Donovan’s Pub, confirmed xNoBBQx , X Wave

Wednesday 1st - Lafayette @ The Spot, confirmed, xNoBBQx , X Wave, Doverman, some modular synth dude

Thursday 2nd - Chicago @ The Burlington w/ Dick Diver. Noise in My Head Book launch put on by Hozac records. We also have a radio recording session at WZRD in the afternoon as SSS.

Friday 3rd -Asheville @ Toy Boat with Mendocino

Saturday 4th Atlanta @ Big House, Gage Gilmore

Sunday 5th New Orleans -New Orleans Park

Monday 6th - Houston @ Super Happy Fun land, confirmed xNoBBQx, X Wave, Badwacky, Cop Warmth; Houston @Mangoes

Tuesday 7th - Austin @ Beerland, confirmed, xNoBBQx, X Wave, Trailblazer, SEPHHEIM, Air Traffic Controllers, Gym Mat Nap, and SSBT https://www.facebook.com/events/660850717337047/?fref=ts

Wednesday 8th  Dallas @ Taqueria Pedritos

Sat 11th - Denver @ Rhinoceropolis w/ Depaysment (Japan), Cop Circles -

Tuesday 14th- Salt Lake City, Diabolical Records

Wednesday 15th - San Francisco @ Knockout S.F. confirmed xNoBBQx, X Wave, Andy Human and
 the Reptoids

 Fri 17th - Oakland - LCM

Sat 18th - LA, - Hollywood Hills house party

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