Artist Bio

Nicola Morton is an Asian/Australian artist who loves playing with machines and the paranormal. She has a B.Music (Technology) from Qld Conservatorium of Music (2004) and a Master of Fine Arts from Sydney College of Art (2017).

Her practice is in creating media- sound art, internet art etc. She was shortlisted by the 17th VideoBrasil Exhibition for her psychic video project, ‘Remote Viewing Experiment #1' and since has invited the takeover of social media by species of grasses in #romanticgrasses. She finds states of peace in abstract, improvised music and gets her day-to-day good feels working in community engagement music programs at Arts and Cultural Exchange, Parramatta.

Her performance work and facilitation (encompassing music and visual art) has received significant support in the form of independent review in Art&Australia, Realtime, The Wire (UK) and Pipeline (HongKong); plus awards and grants from Australia Council, QMusic, Asialink, Arts Queensland, Brisbane City Council, Renew Newcastle and Ptarmigan. She was a co-director at EXIST ari and a Vice President of not-for-profit, Foundation For Contemporary Music And Culture.