Wednesday 24 September 2014

Club Sound Witches - FREE DOWNLOADS

If you are a fan of the Uprok Video.. the extended recording of that session is available as a free download or cassette from Melbourne label, Junk Mnemonic

Fraans De Waard from Vital Weekly says CLUB SOUND WITCHES - UPROK (CDR by Junk Mnemonic)
Australia's JM reports again, and now I learned it stands for Junk Mnemonic, which means I now also have a website address for them. Behind Club Sound Witches (nice name! Makes you hungry, right?) we find Nicola Morton & Matt Earle and I am not sure if I ever heard of them before. Like the previous releases on this label, the cover indicates an A-side and a B-side, and again it's two pieces of ten minutes. Maybe there is a conceptual edge to this, which I miss out upon? The music is a kinda of vaguely industrial, rhythmic, revolving in loops of synthesized sounds, distorted radio sounds and all of that sounds bit formless. It moves and it moves but not necessarily has heads or tails. 'Uprok (B)' seems of the two the more coherent piece, with a stricter form of beats on top and noise below the decks. Maybe a bit like Astral Social Club once sounded. A kind of demented techno music at work here and it works quite well, better than the noisier and more chaotic  'Uprik (A)'. It had a
head nod groove, which was all right. I wouldn't mind a bit more of that… (FdW)

Here is the video to jog your memory..

Clubsound Witches "Uprok" from nicola morton on Vimeo.

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