Thursday, 11 September 2014


Nicola Morton loves karaoke. There I said it, but apart from afflicting my loud vocals on you, here is a karaoke video for you to sing along too.. Think you don't have time for mantras?

Believe in change? Om Namo Shiva ya Om.

Australia is a weird place, join me on a drive from the pastures to the rainforest as we chant.. Its just like those beach karaoke videos but real transcendental nihilist.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Equalizer 24K Cassette in Volcanic Tongue

“Heart attack music” from the solo project of Nicola Morton of Australian underground cells Bad Intentions and Club Sound Witches: using re-jacked electronics, formless noise and sludgy bedroom bass, Nicola performs a crude DIY séance where mutated almost-vocals are narrating some kind of weird cosmo text which is being simultaneously deformed by bombards of insane shortwave and tape destruct, coming over like EVP recordings of a small child being held captive by minds from other realities until the whole deal explodes into the kind of crude beatbox pop that push the techno of Club Sound Witches into the kind of occult stylings of a P.A.R.A w/a more disobedient Silicon Teens>Instant Automatons style. Yeah!

Copyright 2014 David Keanan/Volcanic Tongue

Monday, 1 September 2014


I've been invited to DJ at Club Purple. An installation by Stuart Ringholt, currently at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane. If you wanna come in, you gotta take your clothes off too.

I will be playing mixes of Smoking Cones releases. You may have heard some Smoking Cones releases on my Transcendental Nihilist MeditationVideos

Here's a recording of the mix I played:

DJ Nicola Morton at Stuart Ringholt's Club Purple by Nicola Morton on Mixcloud

Image Credits
Nicola Morton DJ Performance for Dan Rees’ Mid Afternoons and Evenings (2009). Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin. Courtesy Tanya Leighton Gallery. Photo by Yoko Kimura.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Artificial Intelligence: The Spider In the Machine

My first scientific report has been published by New Zealand journal Freerange in Vol 8.

"This issue is dedicated to the exploration of the nexus between animals, humans and robots...
These problems must not be left solely for futurologists and philosophers to muse over, but, being the blueprints for future human organisms (and therefore also for future societies and cultures), must be the notional playthings of us all, for we are humanimal-kind. We hope this issue inspires you to augment yourself intellectually, and to be an engaged contributor to the future of human-robot-animal kind."
Edited by Andrea Rassell
from my report, "Artificial Intelligence: The Spider in the Machine"

"This report details an experiment aiming to collaboratively build psychokinetic power. The Spider in the Machine experiment probes whether natural spirits are transferring themselves to the digital environment...
a free download or purchase in print from

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


i have started a guided meditation blog,

The three sounds of AUM represent form and shape; formless and shapelessness and neither form nor shapele ssness. A symbol for Adorno's negative dialectics, AUM is chanted silently 108 times for transcendence. The aesthetic is psychedelic outer urban wilderness, set in the boondocks where the rail line meets the busy highway, an old hotel is inhabited by a new community, Real Bad Music. Its an illegal venue once a week, the rest of the time it is the artist's studio. A gateway beyond reason. These videos are new psychedelic meditation aides for outer urban transcendence. Music is by Club Sound 
Witches (Matt Earle, Nicola Morton). Stillness in Chaos

1) 108 x AUM (at real bad music) 20min
2) 108 x AUM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI (at real bad music) 25min
3) 99 X GAYATRI MANTRA (at moorooka laundromat) 20min

inspirations include: Holly Childs' book No Limit (on Hologram Books) and Other Film Festival 2014  if you have heaps of time, and wanna ultra-meditate.. get comfortable and play through the playlist..

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Club Sound Witches on Bandcamp

Club Sound Witches has a bandcamp

and a new cassette out on UK label - LF Records