Thursday, 16 July 2015

Electric Pulse Music - Lateral Listening NFSA

Solo Electronics.. for Lateral Listening

Curated by Tessa Elieff... here's what she had to say 

How do you explain (or-try-to) the works of an artist who works with that which is beyond explanation....

The phenomena of rhythm, hypnosis and electrical synthesis come together for Lateral Listening episode 14, with Nicola Morton.
Tapping into the mechanic pulse of a mysterious machine, Morton sends us into an endless oblivion of sonic pattern - a doorway to another plane?


Or the sparking of connection to previously dormant grey-matter...

(thanks to the National Film and Sound Archive for hosting)

Friday, 10 April 2015


(Photo 1&2 courtesy Gilbert Grace)

Finding Country is an ongoing project initiated by Kevin O’Brien in 2006 and continuing as a pluralist contest between the idea of Aboriginal space (Country), and European space (property) in Australia. Aboriginal Country is excluded from the Australian city and even more so in the derivative architecture. .. The Finding Country position is that this paper is not empty, but is full of what can’t be seen. ... we were asked to do some controlled burning to re-purpose our city grid for half of the population.. here is my rationale..

3-d tile of A-8 featuring Sydney Entertainment Centre and Chinese Garden.
An explanation of the process for controlled burning
The area is full of cultural spaces, I was talking to Sian Hromek earlier about her work with Firesticks, and how fire is traditionally used to claim cultural spaces, so I use a controlled burning technique to reclaim these areas for communities.
Sand is used as the sculptural material as it is the main component of cement.
Sydney Entertainment Centre takes up almost half of the grid. This will be the site for most of the controlled burning. The Entertainment Centre is burned so all that is left is a skeleton structure. Outdoor cultural events, will now be held here instead, as with the Chinese Garden, tents are allowed to be pitched for nomadic entertainers and travellers.
The controlled burning of the Chinese Garden allows some native regeneration and it is opened up as a camping ground.
This ungentrification of these cultural areas result in 50% of the population in the buildings on the East of Harbor St to move, especially to be closer to their families, during this controlled burning happening through all of Sydney.
Grasses slowly grow between the cracks of the pavement as the open, concreted areas are continually burnt using a high temperature fire. Sculpturally, Paper collage of grasses represent the vegetation that will be regenerated by the fire,
The orange coloured PVA is for the sandstone beneath the roads, that will eventually be exposed.
Coloured Play-doh represents foreign plant infestations that will still grow after the fire, the Chinese Garden holds many Privet trees which when uncontrolled can create a monoculture forest. Hopefully the controlled burning will regenerate the native grasses and trees before the privet has time to regrow

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Unidentified Grass

Unidentified Grass

Slide for Melanie Bonajo's party 'Night Soil' Sep 28. 2014 at Baby is Alright, NYC. 

I have a post apocalyptic vision: grasses taking over social media - to return to nature, love, the universe and mother earth.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


This video made the day Campbell Newman, Qld Conservative Premier was voted out, Feb 1, 2015.

The mantra for this guided meditation is - ATHA YOGA ANUSHASANUM - after preparations we begin yoga - the first yoga sutra.. we are always beginning (before we die)

Originally recorded this whole yoga flow but video was too long. It only takes 8 minutes to chant the first yoga sutra 108 times.. For enthusiasts below is the whole yoga flow taught to me by Bec Simpson from Amber Tree Yoga

For more details about the Transcendental Nihilist philosophy and more Guided Meditations vist


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Club Sound Witches 'Revolutionary Spray' at Demon's Mouth Gallery, Oslo

as part of Jade Boyd's Intermezzo in March. Her sound installation will feature Revolutionary Spray from Club Sound Witches