Thursday, 9 October 2014

Romantic Grass of the Week Quiz 2

Bulboschoenus Fluvialis or Schoeneplectus Validus of Juncus Usitatus

This for some reason is hard for me..i can get a bit generic with the term 'rush' and there are many different types that hold onto their flowers for ages and i get confused coz the flowers are all brown..

There is also not such a great resource for sedges as there is for grasses.. my thanks go to Ausgrass, please support them.. the USA seem to be really into sedges/rushes, but I am trying to get the aussie habitats for these..

1) Tufting - a tufted rush is a Juncus Usitatus, also if its a mature plant under 1 m it is also a Juncus.
2) Flower - the flower of the Juncus is actually white and beautiful but goes brown quickly.. if u found a nice white flower on a reed its a Juncus.. There is a Juncus Acutus (which is a weed and it will spike you) and a Juncus Kraussi which you will find in more salty waters

3) The Juncus is the common one, so remember to go from there, but they all share the same habitat around waterways in Australia.
4) Leaf/Blades/Stems - the Bulboschoenus is the only one with leaf blades common around the flower, sometimes you will find one on a Schoeneplectus. The diameter of stems of Bulb. and Schoen are from half a cm but the Juncus stem diameter only gets as large as .3 of a cm.
5) the Bubloschenus flowers are in clusters but the actual flower of the Schoeneplectus is an umbel (both create the visual of width) both have branches 8-10cm long.
6) all these rushes have edible roots the bulboschoenus is definitely the most edible for its white roots taste like coconut milk and is medicinal as an anti-contraceptive. 

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Romantic Grass of the Week Quiz 1

Here are some quizzes to revise your knowledge from Romantic Grass of the Week.. oh and fun fact: the giant of the english language - the english noun with the most nominals is .... 'grass'

Identify the below images. Each is a different species. Which is Microlaena Stipoides or Anisopogon Avenaceous or Austrostipa Pubescens?

Identyifying Tips:
Distribution: Microlaena is the most common also the only one in Western Australia and Adelaide. Anisopogon is found only in Blue Mountains and coastal Northern Victoria.
Inflourescence: All have compound panicles. Microlaena has the shortest 7cm - 19cm, and also sometimes appears in raceme as well as panicle. The others are 17cm-30cm. Microlaena's spikelet is also different with 3-4 florets, the others' spikelets just have 1 floret.
Stems/Blades: The Austrostipa does not grow downwards till the mid-culm internode, but the flowers get so heavy the stem bends anyway, the others can grow erect or descending from the base stem. all have flat and involute leaf blades (rolled inward at the edges).. the microlaena also has convulute (rolled inward at the stem). Microlaena is smooth, Austrostipa is hairy, Anisopogon is smooth or scabby.

1) Austrostipa Pubescens 2) Microlaena Stipoides 3) Anisopogon Avenaceus

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Club Sound Witches - FREE DOWNLOADS

If you are a fan of the Uprok Video.. the extended recording of that session is available as a free download or cassette from Melbourne label, Junk Mnemonic

Fraans De Waard from Vital Weekly says CLUB SOUND WITCHES - UPROK (CDR by Junk Mnemonic)
Australia's JM reports again, and now I learned it stands for Junk Mnemonic, which means I now also have a website address for them. Behind Club Sound Witches (nice name! Makes you hungry, right?) we find Nicola Morton & Matt Earle and I am not sure if I ever heard of them before. Like the previous releases on this label, the cover indicates an A-side and a B-side, and again it's two pieces of ten minutes. Maybe there is a conceptual edge to this, which I miss out upon? The music is a kinda of vaguely industrial, rhythmic, revolving in loops of synthesized sounds, distorted radio sounds and all of that sounds bit formless. It moves and it moves but not necessarily has heads or tails. 'Uprok (B)' seems of the two the more coherent piece, with a stricter form of beats on top and noise below the decks. Maybe a bit like Astral Social Club once sounded. A kind of demented techno music at work here and it works quite well, better than the noisier and more chaotic  'Uprik (A)'. It had a
head nod groove, which was all right. I wouldn't mind a bit more of that… (FdW)

Here is the video to jog your memory..

Clubsound Witches "Uprok" from nicola morton on Vimeo.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

USA Tour Xwave

Since the beginning of this year I have been playing in former Blue Mountains band, x-wave.

We will be touring the USA over September/October. Here are our dates..

Sun 21st - New York @ Death by Audio, confirmed, xNoBBQx, X Wave,  with Degreaser, Apache Dropout

Tues 23rd - Baltimore @ guerilla show, confirmed xNoBBQx, X Wave + locals TBA

Wed 24th - Providence @ 95 Empire, confirmed xNoBBQx, X Wave, Dawn Raid, Ukiah Drag

Thursday 25th - Boston@ Deep Thoughts JP, xNoBBQx, X Wave 

Friday 26th - Philadelphia@ Bourbon & Branch, Taiwan Housing Project, xNoBBQx, Proexibitors, X Wave

Sat 27th - New York @ Issue project room xNoBBQx and X Wave supporting Keiji Haino - not confirmed yet but should be cool

Sun 28th Columbus @ Bourbon St, confirmed xNoBBQx, X Wave w/ Matt Horseshit.. sorry can’t find rest of details right now

Monday 29th - Detroit @ Donovan’s Pub, confirmed xNoBBQx , X Wave

Wednesday 1st - Lafayette @ The Spot, confirmed, xNoBBQx , X Wave, Doverman, some modular synth dude

Thursday 2nd - Chicago @ The Burlington w/ Dick Diver. Noise in My Head Book launch put on by Hozac records. We also have a radio recording session at WZRD in the afternoon as SSS.

Friday 3rd -Asheville @ Toy Boat with Mendocino

Saturday 4th Atlanta @ Big House, Gage Gilmore

Sunday 5th New Orleans -New Orleans Park

Monday 6th - Houston @ Super Happy Fun land, confirmed xNoBBQx, X Wave, Badwacky, Cop Warmth; Houston @Mangoes

Tuesday 7th - Austin @ Beerland, confirmed, xNoBBQx, X Wave, Trailblazer, SEPHHEIM, Air Traffic Controllers, Gym Mat Nap, and SSBT

Wednesday 8th  Dallas @ Taqueria Pedritos

Sat 11th - Denver @ Rhinoceropolis w/ Depaysment (Japan), Cop Circles -

Tuesday 14th- Salt Lake City, Diabolical Records

Wednesday 15th - San Francisco @ Knockout S.F. confirmed xNoBBQx, X Wave, Andy Human and
 the Reptoids

 Fri 17th - Oakland - LCM

Sat 18th - LA, - Hollywood Hills house party

Thursday, 11 September 2014


Nicola Morton loves karaoke. There I said it, but apart from afflicting my loud vocals on you, here is a karaoke video for you to sing along too.. Think you don't have time for mantras?

Believe in change? Om Namo Shiva ya Om.

Australia is a weird place, join me on a drive from the pastures to the rainforest as we chant.. Its just like those beach karaoke videos but real transcendental nihilist.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Equalizer 24K Cassette in Volcanic Tongue

“Heart attack music” from the solo project of Nicola Morton of Australian underground cells Bad Intentions and Club Sound Witches: using re-jacked electronics, formless noise and sludgy bedroom bass, Nicola performs a crude DIY séance where mutated almost-vocals are narrating some kind of weird cosmo text which is being simultaneously deformed by bombards of insane shortwave and tape destruct, coming over like EVP recordings of a small child being held captive by minds from other realities until the whole deal explodes into the kind of crude beatbox pop that push the techno of Club Sound Witches into the kind of occult stylings of a P.A.R.A w/a more disobedient Silicon Teens>Instant Automatons style. Yeah!

Copyright 2014 David Keanan/Volcanic Tongue