Thursday, 28 November 2013

More Videos from EXIST-ENCE 5

to see my curator's statement on this festival - click here I've quoted from it below.

Lately, I have been editing videos of EXIST-ENCE 5 festival, which I co-directed with Rebecca Clunn. and would like to add a few stand-outs so far. Here's three videos, highlighting my main themes for the festival - provoking the hegemony; different experiences of existence; and spiritual inspiration

John G. Boehme marries business and sporting attitudes in acting out his super male character with his son. "Considered Compulsion Series" is an example of how "live art has an extensive history of grass roots provocation against the ruling industry and politics." The performance is measured, thoughtful and sensory, instigating more than just a rebel yeah from the crowd.

EXIST-ENCE 5 international festival live art performance art action art - John G Boehme from EXIST ARI on Vimeo.

Sari TM. Kivinen brings the words she overheard in our environment in the recent past, to us, sitting here in the same environment she sat in, to create a temporally phasing community, we are portalled partially into the past, through our connection with the site. "Herdwerds" is an example of how "Live art has relied on the experience of the body and mind that exists in front of you, but for centuries we have been playing with portalling from this existence." The unseen energy that Sari moves around us makes me think we are somewhere else...

EXIST-ENCE 5 international festival live art performance art action art - Sari T.M. Kivinen from EXIST ARI on Vimeo.

Jade Boyd evokes a spectre in the machine, a belief in the supernatural. "As live art has relied on the body, existence has relied on an inspired belief in a universal, metaphysical truth. Jade Boyd and Labanna Babalon are inspired by their technological mediums. Jade Boyd's 'VHxiSm' and Labanna Babalon's 'House of Muse' channel and project their beliefs in 'other beings' being trapped in our consumer technology. The signal spectres in Jade's VHS and the muse me muse in Labanna's 'tree of knowledge' internet embody the form of their works but their experience is other worldly." Jade traps our sentiments of nostalgia and turns them into a ghostly exploration.

EXIST-ENCE 5 international festival live art performance art action art - Jade Boyd from EXIST ARI on Vimeo.

Monday, 25 November 2013

TIME & SPACE DESTROYER - Televisions, Carriageworks, Sydney.

Screening on Friday 29th November, just after Joel Stern's Nuerovision TV show performance. I can't wait for everyone to be dis-embrained!!!! and ready to dis-empower time and space.


Analog TV Booty to Bad Intentions’ Hemloch – Nicola Morton


“Analog TV Booty to Bad Intentions’ Hemloch”
Recorded in reflection of our large screen CRT TV, Nicola is able to project her image and video onto the analog signal, which sadly does not exist anymore in Brisbane. When there is no longer analog broadcast TV you can make your own. Slo-mo booty shaking is a signifier of MTV before they went all Reality TV style – the nostalgia for analog TV and times past is balanced by the use of new broadcast mediums – VIMEO and YOUTUBE. The work being screened on community TV on some of the last days of Australian analog TV and entering the user-generated media market says a big fuck you to the major music labels and the media they controlled and owned. Welcome to post-capitalism.

Sunday, 24 November 2013


Woolworths instigated a campaign of collector cards, featuring Australian Animals, I realise they could be releasing a shamanic power unbeknownst. The TV commercial features a child "seeing" animals poke out and run wild in the store, the next day I saw a child running from a "crocodile!!" in the meat department.

Maybe one day they will use my Romantic Grasses

from my E-BAY listing..

-text description-
Set of 60 Woolworths Aussie Animals Collecting Cards
almost full set of Great Southern Ocean, Coast and Desert.

i am able to post just your selection.

Coast - 2 Australian fur seal, 3 Sea Urchin, 6 Leather Backed Turtle, 8 Fiddler Crab, 9 Australian Pelican, 10 Blue Bottle, 11 Little Penguin, 12 Eastern Brown snake

Bush - 13 Bush Stone-Curlew, 14 Superb Fairy Wren, 15 Long Nosed Potoroo, 16 Ghost Bat, 21 Cuckoo Wasp, 23 Red Necked Butterfly, 24 Imperial Blue Butterfly

Desert - 25 Bandy Bandy Snake, 26 Red Kangoaroo, 27 Wedge-Tailed Eagle, 29 Emu, 30 Yelloy-Footed Rock Wallaby, 33 Dingo, 34 Northern marsupial Mole, 36 Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Wetland - 37 Arafura Filesnake, 38 Yellow-Bellied Glider, 39 Wandering Whistling Duck, 40 Giant Dragonfly, 43 Black Swan, 45 Lace Monitor, 47 Eastern Long Necked Turtle*

Rainforest - 52 Bennett's Tree Kangaroo*, 55 Green Python, 57 Ulysses Butterfly

Your Backyard - 63 Common Ring Tailed  Possum, 65 Red Backed Spider, 67 Goliath Stick Insect*, 68 Green Tree Frog, 70 Grey Headed Flying Fox, 71 Rainbow Lorikeet

Great Southern Ocean - 73 Humpbacked whale, 74 Leopard Seal, 75 Blue Whale, 76 Adelie Penguin, 77 Anartic Petrel, 78 Wandering Albatross, 79 Southern Elephant Seal, 80 Imperial Shag, 82 Kelp Gull

Reef- 85 Box Jelly Fish, 87 Manta Ray, 88 Sharkfish Guitarfish 90 Dugong, 91 Blue Starfish, 94 White-Tipped Reef Shark, 96 Common Bottle Nosed Dolphin

Mountain Ranges - 97 Corroboree Frog, 99 Tiger Snake 102 Gang Gang Cockatoo, 103 Bogong Moth, 105 Yellow Tailed Cockatoo.

*denotes damaged - see photo for full details

Happy Endings?
I collected 60 (with no doubles) and sold them on E-Bay on 22 October 2013, for a final price of $10.50 to Lysandra Walker from Mt Garnet, Qld, Australia (somewhere rural). Ebay charged me $1 to list the entry and Paypal charged me 55c to use them. Everyone gets a piece of the shamanic energy

Tuesday, 19 November 2013



OVER 7 HOURS FROM 4PM - 11PM - eleven art-noise bands 107 PROJECTS, REDFERN.

I hand-sponged (but it looks like a screen print) heaps and heaps of t-shirts with "REAL BAD MUSIC' for us to sell on tour.. to be sold for only $5, we scoured every op-shop between Brisbane and Sydney for cheap shirts. Thanks to all the people who bought one in Brisbane and Sydney!!!

Although the reviewer for MESS & NOISE, missed the showcase, he caught the panel I spoke on, and quoted me.. its a pretty incisive review

"What a Pro- BREAKDANCE THE DAWN stall...Photo by Sarah Spencer
SUN OF THE SEVENTH SISTER played with halved ping pong balls over their eyes - for a complete psychedelic experience.

Here is one photo by Peter Blamey, of me in CLUB SOUND WITCHES
FOUR DAYS LATER.. we played at a Bastard Theatre show with my old mate, HEATSICK. Photos by Marek Rygielski

And again at the showcase in BAD INTENTIONS
Here is a video of X-WAVE - where i guested on synth

and here's a vid of my fav band in the world

Saturday, 16 November 2013


I bring great news that the RENEW AUSTRALIA team are finally coming to Sydney with RENEW LEICHARDT. I am really excited to see what happens.. follow them at

In 2010 I was lucky to have an artist residency "spystation nc1074"(link in comments) with Renew Newcastle thanks to Marcus Westbury Marni Jackson and Damian Castaldi. I applied for this from Berlin because thats the kinda reach a cool idea like Marcus' gets. Now he is writing a book about the renew movement, there's one day left to help support it

You can search my blog for "spystation" or... here are some links

I wrote 25+ spy missions for collaboration and stuffed them in toys and tried to sell them to public.. i made a few e-sales tooo..

was inspired by bringing berlin's teufelsberg to the newcastle tower by the beach.. from penis spy tower  to penis spy tower.. hemisphere to hemisphere...