Monday 25 November 2013

TIME & SPACE DESTROYER - Televisions, Carriageworks, Sydney.

Screening on Friday 29th November, just after Joel Stern's Nuerovision TV show performance. I can't wait for everyone to be dis-embrained!!!! and ready to dis-empower time and space.


Analog TV Booty to Bad Intentions’ Hemloch – Nicola Morton


“Analog TV Booty to Bad Intentions’ Hemloch”
Recorded in reflection of our large screen CRT TV, Nicola is able to project her image and video onto the analog signal, which sadly does not exist anymore in Brisbane. When there is no longer analog broadcast TV you can make your own. Slo-mo booty shaking is a signifier of MTV before they went all Reality TV style – the nostalgia for analog TV and times past is balanced by the use of new broadcast mediums – VIMEO and YOUTUBE. The work being screened on community TV on some of the last days of Australian analog TV and entering the user-generated media market says a big fuck you to the major music labels and the media they controlled and owned. Welcome to post-capitalism.

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