Wednesday 3 August 2011

S&M for Lost Children: The Family Trilogy

Soon all of S&M's (Simbi Dare and Nicola Morton)'s performances will be available on DVD for peer 2 peer exchange.

We always spend a lot of time talking, here is a prologue to our trilogy of family performances - 'Mau ke Bulan - Journey to the Darkside of the Moon,' 'The Punisher v The Fairy Queen,' and 'Legally Lolita.'

Comment by Simbi:
We take guided pathways through the symbolic underworld of our
emotions in a shamanic healing of our family issues. Family
relationships are psychologically wedded to the structures of society,
so exploring the neuroses of the family is a way to explore the
neurosis of fascism, capitalism, law, and so on.  This is potentially
cathartic not merely for performers but for the audience. Before the
shows we talked and talked about our issues in childhood and found
ways to visually, musically represent the most vivid memories and
emotions.  Luckily we were in Java and Bali where we could get daily
massages, bringing up so much painful material led us to states of
paralysis, impatience, aggression and projection and we had a lot of
intense energy to release, so thank you to all the wonderful massage
therapists in Java and Bali who made this possible, we couldn't have
done these shows without you for sure.

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