Tuesday 2 August 2011

12 Ways to Masturbate with a Melodica

at Mangkubumen Art Party di Pendopo Mangkubumen, Universitas Widya Mataram, Yogyakarta

Problem: Judgement of sexual identity and selfishness of masturbation

This was a plan to enter the collective fantasy in 5 minutes by "veiling" masturbation concepts one note on the melodica at a time. By using the "veil" of conceptualisation and musical keys we expose 12 different auto-erotic acts as gateways to the collective, playful and international sexual fantasies of the collective unconscious. The problem of taking a selfish narcissistic act and immersing it in a crowd re: Slavoj Zizek in "Violence" (2008), is counteracted by sharing and healing ie. by giving away each hand decorated melodica and healing with our noise music. Our 12 Melodica masturbation themes are: c-fantasy, c#-paint, d-thumbs, d#-flowers, e-chains, f-asphyxiation, f#-stars, g-humping, g#-scissoring, a-water, a#-pressure, b-knife.  By not communicating anything of a sexual nature to the audience, we are trying to prove sexual fantasy is not just a western prerogative/consumer product but something more rooted in the earth and in the spaces between our consciousnesses and of course the human‘s playful nature. Children start to play along in the performance which supports the subconscious playfulness and collective nature of our auto-erotic fantasies


  1. Thanks for this tips. I'll try that to myself tonight :)

  2. I really like that you performed the piece in barefeet. I also like that your soles were dirty...was that intentional or just by accident? Great visual for the depth of the performance.