Sunday 24 November 2013


Woolworths instigated a campaign of collector cards, featuring Australian Animals, I realise they could be releasing a shamanic power unbeknownst. The TV commercial features a child "seeing" animals poke out and run wild in the store, the next day I saw a child running from a "crocodile!!" in the meat department.

Maybe one day they will use my Romantic Grasses

from my E-BAY listing..

-text description-
Set of 60 Woolworths Aussie Animals Collecting Cards
almost full set of Great Southern Ocean, Coast and Desert.

i am able to post just your selection.

Coast - 2 Australian fur seal, 3 Sea Urchin, 6 Leather Backed Turtle, 8 Fiddler Crab, 9 Australian Pelican, 10 Blue Bottle, 11 Little Penguin, 12 Eastern Brown snake

Bush - 13 Bush Stone-Curlew, 14 Superb Fairy Wren, 15 Long Nosed Potoroo, 16 Ghost Bat, 21 Cuckoo Wasp, 23 Red Necked Butterfly, 24 Imperial Blue Butterfly

Desert - 25 Bandy Bandy Snake, 26 Red Kangoaroo, 27 Wedge-Tailed Eagle, 29 Emu, 30 Yelloy-Footed Rock Wallaby, 33 Dingo, 34 Northern marsupial Mole, 36 Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Wetland - 37 Arafura Filesnake, 38 Yellow-Bellied Glider, 39 Wandering Whistling Duck, 40 Giant Dragonfly, 43 Black Swan, 45 Lace Monitor, 47 Eastern Long Necked Turtle*

Rainforest - 52 Bennett's Tree Kangaroo*, 55 Green Python, 57 Ulysses Butterfly

Your Backyard - 63 Common Ring Tailed  Possum, 65 Red Backed Spider, 67 Goliath Stick Insect*, 68 Green Tree Frog, 70 Grey Headed Flying Fox, 71 Rainbow Lorikeet

Great Southern Ocean - 73 Humpbacked whale, 74 Leopard Seal, 75 Blue Whale, 76 Adelie Penguin, 77 Anartic Petrel, 78 Wandering Albatross, 79 Southern Elephant Seal, 80 Imperial Shag, 82 Kelp Gull

Reef- 85 Box Jelly Fish, 87 Manta Ray, 88 Sharkfish Guitarfish 90 Dugong, 91 Blue Starfish, 94 White-Tipped Reef Shark, 96 Common Bottle Nosed Dolphin

Mountain Ranges - 97 Corroboree Frog, 99 Tiger Snake 102 Gang Gang Cockatoo, 103 Bogong Moth, 105 Yellow Tailed Cockatoo.

*denotes damaged - see photo for full details

Happy Endings?
I collected 60 (with no doubles) and sold them on E-Bay on 22 October 2013, for a final price of $10.50 to Lysandra Walker from Mt Garnet, Qld, Australia (somewhere rural). Ebay charged me $1 to list the entry and Paypal charged me 55c to use them. Everyone gets a piece of the shamanic energy

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