Friday 4 March 2011

Of the Space of the Sound of the Angel's Trumpet (Tea Ceremony to Solve Suburban Disillusionment)

"Of the Space of the Sound of the Angel's Trumpet"

Where: Exist-ing, Indooroopilly
When: 7pm March 5, 2010

Key Concepts: suburban (dis)solution, hallucinogenic experiments, materiality/immateriality, tea ceremony, drug empaths, influence of groups on ‘tripping,’ audience interactivity

Nicola Morton directs ephemeral moments where the worlds of immateriality catch glimpses of the material world. She is a conduit for love, spiritual wisdom and serendipity and in “Of the Space of The Sound of the Angel’s Trumpet” proposes to channel a surburban utopia that she has seen in a psychedelic state using Datura and Morning Glories (toxic garden hallucinogens). What kind of space will be created using this enigmatic, uninformed, suburban way of altering reality, these are mere flowers found on picket fences, surrounded by urban myths of youths cutting off their penises. Will it remedy or dissolve suburbia?
This mysterious experimentation will be performed live at exist-ing for the International Home Theater Festival exhibition. The performance of group exercise and improvised music, text and actions lasts for 2 hours and is accompanied by projections on reams of tissue paper (live from iPhone and pre-recorded from computer). Starting with Nicola’s traditional tea ceremony performance, voyeurs will be invited to

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