Thursday 22 July 2010

A Transformative Event: For 7 Days We Talked Until The Point of Exhaustion

with Simbi Dare, Pack Place, Asheville Art Museum

This is film documentation from 'For Seven Days We Talked Until the Point of Exhaustion' by Simbi Dare and Nicola Morton at Asheville Art Museum, NC, USA. The audio consists of live marimbas played as part of this performance. An alternative soundtrack of the "secret dialogue" can be purchased from the artists via Paypal for $1: This film was then used for the performance of Nicola Morton 'Disembraining Time Machine' at Tidy Kid Space, Brisbane, Australia. Filmed and edited together were natural repetitions during this 7 day period. The purpose of the film medium, sense of repetition and ritual is to present a non-linear concept of time that can be travelled even though it cannot be measured. This prepares the audience for time travel. What happened to the crowd while this was projected, you can read here:

 More about the Asheville performance: The idea of the feminine pow wow, endurance, bringing new archetypes into our lives to reinvent the old ones. Britney became Beyonce, Gwenyth became Kali. "before anything, I just want to let you know, that it's over"

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