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Wednesday, 6 January 2021

2020: YouTube Poop Collaboration with Kate Field

 During 2020, I've been collaborating with Kate Field, a fantastic singer that I work with also in Club Weld (pictured below, photo by Lyndal Irons), but this time making YouTube Poop. Kate has an amazing sense of humour and I've had a complete blast making this YTP with her.

This is our first.

and then we did a special 2020 news broadcast of how it feels to be Kate in 2020!

And here are some other food -cartoon and song inspired YTPs

https://youtu.be/ckoP5g3J1vg - Spaghetti Bolognaise

https://youtu.be/tB6VEPJ7qio - On my pond - a song about litter bugs..

https://youtu.be/-UmAjrLbDLA Barefoot Bandits Cartoon takes over Pasta Song

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