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Monday, 3 October 2016

Performances Coming Up:

Sep 30 solo at Portugal Madeira Club for Ela Stiles new LP
Oct 2 in Vavenge at Croatian Wickham Sports Club, This is Art
Oct 3 in Club Sound Witches at Croatia Wickham Sports Club, This is Not Fair
Oct 8 in Club Sound Witches at 107 Projects (early) 5pm w/ warehouse (melb)
Oct 12 solo at Marrickville in Motion, Air Project Gallery, Marrickville w/ Splinter Orchestra

Oct 23 in Club Sound Witches Collab with Zen City Orchestra at electrofringe, 107 Projects
Oct 29 solo at mixtape art space, sydenham, halloween party
Nov 10 All Girl Electronic Dance Party, ICE, Parramatta

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