Friday 16 January 2015

Return to Nature: Frakreactor 4

we come together to heal and stop the frakking on the land of the rainbow serpent. we come in peace and offer our spontaneous creations to the land

the unbinding of creative energies amidst regions of raw natural power pronounces earth is a sacred being - our temple, our home 

- frakreactor 4, new years eve 2015, kyogle, NSW Australia.

Signed attendees and contributors:
henry mills, bonnie hart, jason bright, michael donnelly, max fowler-roy, samantha axiak, laura hill, marek rygielski, alan nguyen, matt earle, nicola morton, melanie jade simpson, patrick o'brien, nick dan, kelly keating, adam sussman, timmy joseph, leif gifford, ben hayes, rohan bridge, andrew boyd, lewis o'leary, alex cuffe, chelsea charlton, hayato, alex morrison, vick, xander, charlie, kat, beatrix, jethro.

videos to be premiered at Pizza Suicide Club Live TV event: O Tannenbaum, Berlin,  Jan 17

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