Thursday 5 December 2013

Split Personality Cult in The Museum of Micro-Cassette Art

I have been published in The Museum of Micro-Cassette Art. This is a micro-cassette archive and digital release project. The link to my tape is below, but you can browse the whole selection here. Please support this project with a name your price download, there is lots of great stuff on here.

Here are some notes from curator, Hal McGee.

Now available is the 65th album release of The Museum Of Microcassette Art project - "Split Personality Cult", and it is a split tape release by two projects of Nicola Morton and Rohan Bridge - - Side A is a straight-up analog synthesizer duo jam with Nicola and Rohan (Equalizer 24K & Goofy) improvising on Korg MS20 and Yamaha CS1 synths - and Side B is Nicola and Rohan in a loose jam band setting on the same synths along with their mates Skye MacNicol (violin) & Dylan Jeffries (guitar) & Henry Mills (electronics) & Jule Vincent (vocal & percussion). Satisfying abstraction, improvisation and jamification deluxe that travels to lots of places (some simultaneously) that you have never heard before. Recorded in Moorooka, Queensland; and SAE Studio, Melbourne Australia.

Here is a review from Lindsay Leepe.

There is something dark and twisted sounding about this (especially side b). From what I can tell, the humans are purging themselves of stress and anxiety (a catharsis so to speak) and the resulting primitive soundtrack is causing evil forces to flee. An energy transfer that will have you writhing around a psychic fire and crying out to the void.

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