Wednesday 16 October 2013

Bad Intentions - Review

The punk duo I'm in has a review up on Bristol-based Infinite Limits

Bad Intentions is Nicola Morton (Club Sound Witches, Equalizer 24K, ABBAABBA et al) and Rebecca Hlodich, artists who formed a duo in April 2013. According to the duo's Facebook page, Bad Intentions is about "looking past' or 'seeing through'... we are two girls all about love and clearing judgements. These artists are involved in primitive electronics, punk, rock, abstract poetry, and performance art, and more or less everything else in between, it seems. "Over", released as a CDr on the Brisbane-based Breakdance The Dawn label, captures a live set with the duo using electric guitars and f/x to articulate 13 pieces of fucked-up avant-rock confusion. 

Here are some pics from our recent performance at Metro Arts, Gallery.

Image Credit: Alan Warren

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