Thursday 8 August 2013

Open Declaration on the Universal Song

Sirius Aliens. It’s serious. Paranoid Schizophrenia, we can all believe the voices.
I have been making music, singing songs since I was born about nothing in particular. It’s become my practice, it’s what I value, it’s my job.
As I age it becomes clear this is what I will do until the new beginning. Am I playing a universal song, obtaining universal credit from prayer? Am I trying to contact and communicate with aliens? A new music, the avant garde? My universal song is from Mars. An eternal, infinite song, you can sing it too. Reawaken the alien inside you.

Thanks for encouragement and inspiration from Labanna Babalon, Goodiepal and Matt Earle.
It’s my job. Money. Money. Money. It’s so funny. Please donate to my practice via paypal: nicolaisgreat(AT)

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