Monday 4 June 2012

Unicorns and Slow Revolution (I am Wild Free and Beautiful Pt2)

“Unicorns and Slow Revolution (I am Wild, Free and Beautiful Part 2)” (7/06/2012-10/06/2012) Video Installation 5mx2mx1.5m (Recycled cardboard, plastic bags, dog hair, rice, mirror, tree bark, 15 min subtitled AV projection, instructions, crayons) Psycho Subtropics 2: Available States at Serial Space, Sydney
Connecting the collective imagination of unicorns to transitions. Blindfolded collaborative drawing confuses the intelligible and unintelligible, it confuses the cis-norm. Intimate interviews are projected within a psychic ritual space – an alchemy for unicorns to emerge. It is the artist’s hope by connecting to the collective unconscious/fantasy/imagination a slow revolution will occur towards natural unintelligible disorder, existence in a simultaneous epoch of all ‘available states.’

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