Sunday 3 June 2012

Club Sound Witches "Uprok"

Music Video for my new techno jam band, Club Sound Witch.  Filmed in Jalan Lembang, Jakarta, Indonesia

you can buy us from
heres the review:
New primitive ‘techno’ outfit from Matt Earle (Breakdance/Craft Bandits/xNoBBQx et al) and Nicola Morton (Wardenburger): minimalist throbbing electro-threat in the tradition of Vanity Records, Two Daughters, John Fothergill’s United Dairies of-shoot etc with automatic/modulated female vocals over druggy keyboard feedback and waves of lapping electricity: “our synth and drum machines were under water for three days in the Brisbane floods, they were given to us to prevent us from self harming. It gave them a unique sound. Wet, dirty and about to set the building on fire.” – Matt Earle. Another singular Breakdance release.

watch you youtube version here:

Plus we r released now on CD and cassette on Breakdance The Dawn.. for reading this you can get a preview minus track one

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