Monday 21 June 2010

Results Published on Time Travel

Results Published on Time Travel

Date: 20 July 2010 (nr Winter Solistice)
Venue: Tidy Kid Space, Brisbane Australia
Attendants: 35
Hypothesis: Travel through other times and dimensions can rewrite our past and future,

Last night I attempted to enter the fourth dimension.

Assumptions: Time is not homogenous. Time is not linear. Time travel subsists of our phenomenal perception/s of other times/dimensions.

I accompanied my time travel with a cinematic projection of a time/space where I developed my shamanic power (Asheville, USA). The recording of moving time, and time itself being moved was the medium for our time travel. We channel the creative force of Om to cleanse and charge us.

In the performance I had to admit that initially my intentions were personal,

• I wanted to rewrite my past, not just in my mind but also in other peoples (and their preconceptions) plus somehow affect the technology that recorded it.

• I wanted to start exploring the future

• Why? My life was alerting me to repetition, habit and involuntary memory. Time is not linear. I kept on experiencing nostalgic time loops, I felt like I was reliving time by travelling across the same routes to the same destinations, experiencing the same sensations in a different time and re-encountering demons I thought I had slain. I thought I was falsely experiencing Nietzsche’s rebirth (hence the reading of Sylvia Plath’s “Lady Lazarus” and Arthur Rimbaud‘s “Jadis, Si je me souviens bien” (Once, if my memory serves me well).

• I wanted these trajectories into the past to not affect my progress into the future. I found some power in cleansing rituals, but I realised what I wanted to do was not cleanse but tidy. I wanted to tidy up my past and future, add a few words, rewrite it, culminating in the final statement “My debt is paid”

The first jaunt into space I passed around my diary, which contained a drawing of a diagram that appeared to me during one restless night in New York where I was working on equations for time travel. I was adding, subtracting hope and redemption to the past and the future, multiplying that into the future and dividing by probability.

I see the carpet is no longer blue but green. We first hear the sound of keys, it is a Rhinoceros. The Rhinoceros follows us everywhere we go making that noise. The Rhinoceros actually flies. How can something so big fly? There are more animals here, and a very loud noise of Marimbas (but the noise comes from a machine). A wolf makes tinkling sounds while it sleeps. We do not wake it, but come across a giant fruit loop but its organic, made from organic raw sugar and natural flavours, a treat from the Gods. Is there a river of soy as well? No, this is not heaven, there is a river of Cocaine. Or is this Paradise? The carpet is green still, so is my dress. It came from Sweden, the group now wants to go to Sweden, but I can smell the brewery, not ready to leave the space here, we do not have time and have to go back.

On our second attempt, I invite Rin Healy to take us to Sweden. We had been in Sweden together in the past. I could smell Hot Cross Buns. They were being baked by Moto X Riders, The Machine makes that loud marimba sound again. The Moto X Riders are more like Roly- Poly, but then all of a sudden they are fucking each other its Sodomy and I feel like I'm in Rome. I want to go to the future.

Future smells like Jasmine, main street but there is no street but a mainstream. There is a faint smell of lavender from the side. There is a meow from a robot cat, everyone is quiet in the future, because we are scared. I want to pat the robot cat. The robot cat feels like honey, is it actually a hologram my hand goes right through it, but I was told it’s a robot cat, I hear you can get high from a cat lick. The Cat licks Akiko, she sees a Dog in a tuxedo, she has gone to another dimension. Joel is still stuck in Sweden. The group is breaking up I must go back. My Debt is Paid.


  1. How many cuils is this‽

  2. Interesting. I hope after all that your debt is indeed paid. xox. Yo.

  3. Nice writing about memory and a great idea (makes me wanna do my time travel performance), but i think we want 2 more thoroughly distinguish recollection and planning from actual travel in time . Even movement in time is not sufficient to have time travel, we all head into the future @ the rate of 1 second per second, but it would trivialise the notion 2 term this "time travel." We need 2 table a stricter dff of the term.

    Glad u avoided paradox, excellent work there. Donny Darko is a shit movie exactly because the time travel in it makes no sense, same w/some more recent Star Treks: crapola. If paradox is evoked there should b intelligible resolution, not plot holes big enough 2 take out a family-sized car. cool nicola love yr wrk and yr style. comment by Gerald Keaney