Sunday 18 April 2010

Mind Objects: Charlatans & My Magic Face: My Magic Face pt1

I was telling Simbi of these Dead Sea skincare sales people positioned right outside the toilets in the mall I work at and how they constantly try to get me to put their magic creams on, even though I was going to the toilet and would wash it off. This made me think of the romance & faces of charlatans. Was I really one as well? I interviewed 3 beauty therapists while they were touching my face. To test the effectiveness of their beauty products and my own two facedness, I covered the right side of my face with gold glitter, left the other natural (albeit buffed, polished and full of minerals), blindfolded punters in the toilets at the Brisbane Emerging Art Festival and asked them questions about both sides of my face.

These videos investigate magical power, the art of interviewing and touch.

First, the 3 most popular blindfold interviews according to YouTube

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