Monday 9 November 2009

Dream Catcher for Spyders Positive Enunciation

So if you managed to talk to me recently you would have known that i am applying for Lord Mayors Emerging Artist fellowship. This process was crazy and I still thank Jade that told me I should just ask for what my heart desires. So I did. And it hurt so much that I felt like I had to cut it all up and make it into a long ribbon. It was actually 1km long and I tried to weave it into a dream catcher. I took the dream catcher process out and about as usual.. here are some action shots from.. brisbane city council library

and the state library.

and hollys house

by the way here are some precious gems i mined from hollys backyard

and finally at discobeans

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  1. i have put photos up now!!
    they are on my flickr and my blog!!! <3 <3