Monday 5 October 2009

Making Light Portals in Kasaniemintie (Part 1), Ptarmigan residency

Making Magic in Dead Spaces.

Nicola with assistant works to find light portals. Large dead space means lots of potential for magic. combined with lighting.. magic magic.. interventions of light.. the space is dead because all who enter disappear!!!

weird that this space sounded really dead too.. ie. the click clack of high heels you cannot hear at all.. magic enough? it is in kasanieminte metro, helsinki (when u hit thai buffet turn left into alley with lollyshop on your right)

(more photos and map to space from my camera when i find my laptop charger)

Magical Recipe:
4 x 162cm diameter cut out circles from squares (painted blue and black to match shopping center decor)
lots of functioning and non functioning lighting in a huge unused space
borrowed desk and newspapers instead of tripod
yokos camera so we can prove the magic

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