Monday 31 August 2009

More stuff from AVAMAA workshop

Ok, I also wrote a text in response to my explorations in Mooste, Estonia. A lot of the workshop was about deconstructing our environments (and thereby meaning). Here is the text, and following is a compilation of the short pieces we made in the workshop.

20 minutes of writing on Mooste
so what did the stomach say to the cat?
"I know"
The cat is not from here but no one speaks to cats so no one knows.
The rain gently falls. The sun gently shines.
All the time the stomach grumbles, it knows.

The stomach has its own secret small world, and it can even see the outside.
Why can't we make noises like the stomach so we can talk to the cat.
We say cats have 9 lives but really they have 9 planets. The stomach knows.

Cats do nothing with their time because they travel through it.
They move objects through time and space, just for fun.

You can hear time and space in a cat's ear. A cat's ear is infinite.
It's an entry to the pyramids.

How did that turkish tile end up in Mooste?

There is a pyramid in Mooste.
Is it the pyramid that draws the cats here.
Is it really drawing the cosmic energy?

Things remain unexplained, but the stomach knows.
The knowledge is safe inside the stomach, the pyramid and the cat's ear.

There are signs, secret winks that help focus the energy.

One day the cats will build a robot, so huge and awesome that people will think of it as a mythical figure.
The cats are bored with most Art. The cats are bored with Europe. Only stomachs can talk to them.
Where is the fun? What the fuck are people thinking? Repetition reference, abstraction, beauty - Its just no fun anymore.

They will build a robot out of Art, not out of junk but from the most precious of all European beauty. The burglars are cats.
They steal everything precious, that sparkles, that takes people's breath away. The robot will be an aesthetic orgasm. The 'Culture' robot. It will have a moustache.

Every day the cats in mooste receive a delivery The stomachs in Mooste try to keep the secrets, but some humans start building statues and paintings about the cats.
People come to Mooste to make art. The cats will use it to build their robot.

All time travellers need toys. And cats love to play. This robot will entertain their grandfathers and grandchildren.

The robot is finally built and the culture orgasm finally frees the stomachs from the people.

The cats use the stomachs to recreate the planet. The robot makes one giant furball with all the stomachs and coughs it up. The stomachs cover the planet in sticky goo. A new atmosphere.

The cats continue to play in Mooste. Time and space continues to exist. The stomachs know.

Mutopia 3 Workshop AVAMAA led by John Gryznich. from nicola morton on Vimeo.

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