Sunday 31 July 2022

New Release: We Were Made For Loving You

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We Were Made For Loving You from Club Weld Studio is a stunning loose web of

conversational lyrics, drones, affirmations, ethereal howls and pop radio references.

Chris Stiles’ singular voice evokes John Lydon circa Metal Box/The Flowers of Romance, but

ultimately defies easy categorisation.

Anthony Talarico contributes radical, expressive drums, and slyly unpredictable singing.

The sounds of the collaboration can be chaotic, but We Were Made For Loving You is approachable

and inviting – the noise of life, discovery, connection.

Nicola Morton’s beautiful, naturalistic production gives the listener an unencumbered perspective

on Stiles and Talarico’s Parramatta jams… Dubbed at breakdancethedawn studio.

1. Talk To Me

The opening track establishes the album’s M.O; seemingly unrelated parts which fit together

perfectly. In this instance, Chris Stiles’ whimsical vocal interjections, Anthony Talarico’s free

associational whimsy ride on top of programmed drums, jazzy keys and guitar harmonics.

Talarico’s “I like to drink coffee, I like KISS also” gives a hint as to the origin of the album title.

2. Zoom Jam 1

Recorded over the internet in three different towns during the April 2020 lockdown, this skeletal

improv evokes the confusion of that period. Tied together insistent trumpet-sounds, this haunting

piece is a great introduction to the expressive beauty of Chris Stiles’ voice.

3. Sway

Sway brings a distinctly humid atmosphere, complete with jazzy rimshots, ominous synths,

whimsical vocals and half-heard conversations. Eugene Ward’s jazzy electric piano, Nicola Morton’s

insistent bass complete this unique sound world, and provide the ideal backdrop for Talarico &


4. Thunder

The opening synths briefly evoke an excessive era of southern hip hop, before ‘Thunder’ rattles off

into ominous, electric territory. Guest collaborator Samar Salameh contributes guest vocals and

guitar and adds to the heavy atmosphere.

5. Steven

Following on from Alice Cooper, Taylor Swift and The Grateful Dead’s ‘Steven’ songs, Talarico &

Stiles’ contribution to the tradition is full of free-associational joy. This duet references Richie Valens,

Bobby McFerrin and spring rolls, and it is again offset by Eugene Ward’s keys.

“Do not break a light…it’s dangerous.”

6. Zoom Jam 2

Another off-site jam, featuring clacking percussion from Anthony Talarico. Recorded in Epping,

Merrylands, Spencer and Cattai. Despite the desolate sonics, the recording is indicative of the Club

Weld studio’s love of music and will to overcome the considerable obstacles to collaboration

presented by the pandemic.

7. Dawn

Stiles’ flexible, siren-like vocals are the standout of this beautiful piece of exotica. Talarico’s freeform

drum explosions interrupt the droning, hypnotic mood.

8. LvM3Tndr

“Please don’t cry”. This lovely, telepathic improvisation ends the album as it started – sounding like

nothing and nobody else.

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