Saturday 18 December 2021

BatchVirus 4 Release

For bleeding hearts, woke mother-fuckers and future punks who listen to more than HC – Batch Virus 4 is a small edition tape and digital download release of experimental sounds by female and non-binary, culturally diverse artists living on Darug country (Western Sydney). It will be released for one month only from13 January, 2022 on Bandcamp. This label is brought to you by Nicola Morton (Breakdance the Dawn, New Age Noise, Club Weld, Club Sound Witches).

Media Access is here.

1 minute Audio Preview Here


Break in 2022 by remembering how fucked 2021 was. Buy Batch Virus 4 and safely let it go 😊 Recorded in 2021 during Western Sydney’s ‘tougher restrictions.’ These releases contain no shouting - just 19 minutes of regret, distaste for government crackdowns on youth, sadness and attitude – sentiments we can all relate to in the last year.

Let’s listen to something that dared come out of the mould. These 4 artists breakdown stereotypes of their locality, cultures and genders.

·         BV4.1 – Okuesha Kills – interspersing guitar licks with ambient sounds, chords and vox pops. She provides an aural snapshot of the opposing feelings of isolation and community. Okuesha Kills is also an emerging media artist and has a residency at PACT in 2022. Think Laurel Halo…

·         BV 4.2 – Wytchings – An up and coming dark electronica artist. On this release she makes the simmering mind audible, putting to rest the subtle insults we push past each day. She has released tracks on Urban Cowboy, Lazy Thinking Records and New Weird Australia. Think Arca, Jlin…

·         BV 4.3 – Tru’ – More than princesses believe in pop, and pop stars still have punk attitudes. The emotive pop experiment of Tru’ sits between these noise offerings, as a symbol of the supportive, multi-faceted community, New Age Noise Collective. When you take the Northern Beaches pop sound (Julia Stone et al) and place it in Parramatta.

·         BV 4.4 – Sol Yoga – Sol takes us on a dystopian walk during lockdown featuring a recording made of a modular jam made in Blacktown Arts Centre and themselves cutting sick on Sol Show on Radio Skid Row. Attitude level = Peaches, 100 gecs.

Put these tapes on your dystopian future shopping list. With design by affordable minimalist fashion label, Chainmail (Gillian Kayrooz and Natalie Huifen) – you are buying in to a digital future throwback. Won’t digital and viruses look nostalgic when we are all ‘meta!’



Insta: @nicolaisgreat

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