Wednesday 10 February 2021

'Bad Internet' Video Series @our_neon_foe IG FB SC

 A blinking smile - a face frozen in time in our Zoom meeting. That moment where you know you missed something or caught something that was not meant to be caught...


16 February: @our_neon_foe Instagram

18 February: @ourneonfoe Soundcloud

19 February: @ourneonfoe Facebook

In "Bad Internet," a series of video and audio recordings, we see our frustrations with the fallibility of the Internet played out. The audience is asked to find beauty in the stillness and/or degraded artefact rather than FOMO. My previous work series "Wireless Psychics Experiments #1-10 " also arose out of bad internet frustration. For example, one of the performances was a challenge to pick the spot in the room with the strongest Wi-Fi signal. And within that performance,  I found a love for the chance of glitch in performance documentation.

::Downloads:3OCT15 Nicola Morton (IMA):pics for web:web77_WirelessPsychicsExperiment3_AlanWarren.jpg

Nicola Morton. WPE (The Photos) (iii), 2015. Digital photo print, 12” x  8”. Photo by Alan Warren.

 Nicola Morton. Wireless Psychics Experiment #5 (2015-10-13). hyper-Linked video, 1:29 (left), text (right).

In 2020, video conferencing has entered the everyday and most of us have experienced a frozen face from time to time..

The first two video and/or audio artefacts in the “Bad Internet” series will come from recordings of performances by Kate Brown and Mark Brown at Carriageworks for Our Neon Foe.

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