Wednesday 20 September 2017

Experiments in Low Voltage Living

In case you haven't heard I have managed to buy a place and situate myself in low voltage - low EMR living for a looong time... no Internet, hardly any phone reception. Depending on solar and generator for energy, lucky enough to have groundwater.. We are interested in offering low impact studios for hire.... and 10 day vipassanas..  Part of our low voltage audio experiments include

- a 5V USB studio - a whole music studio powered off one USB port - boss pedals, analog ordinance synth, practice amp, audio interface
- a 9V studio - we ruined one of our 12V batteries and now it only holds 10V luckily we have built a 9V studio off of it - this time including some delay and loop station pedals.

Here are some photos of the beautiful situation:

photos from Blakes phone, we are actually on the river, too

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