Tuesday 25 October 2016

Working with people on the Autism Spectrum

Also at Parramatta, ICE,
I have been working with Autism Spectrum Australia's Club Weld Program

A lil bit about the master class..

The Korg MS-20 Mini is a monophonic analog synthesizer. At Club Weld we use a lot of virtual instruments modelled on analog synthesizers like this, but thanks to a visit from experimental artist, Nicola Mortan, we were about to try out the ‘real deal’.

Nicola introduced her Korg MS-20 Mini to Paolo & Jerry’s session and it wasn’t long before things started sounding pretty crazy and cool. In asking Nicola to explain the magic and appeal of the Korg MS-20 she said,
“Just one touch of the 30+ knobs on the Korg MS-20 Mini can drastically change the sound. The amazing thing about the MS-20 is even though its monophonic, using modulation of the 2x self-resonating filters and the 2x envelope generators can cause complex sound patterns to emerge”
Paolo & Jerry had some serious fun discovering the possibilities of the knobs to create sounds they loved hearing and discovering sounds they had never heard before. The MS-20 also works fantastically with audio in. Nicola demonstrated this feature by giving Paolo the opportunity to explore modifying a track he’d been working on. By changing the envelope of the filters that process the audio of Paolo’s track, he could chop up the audio in different ways, turns of the knobs caused rhythmic and tonal build-ups and come-downs as well as adding a sub-bass.
Paolo and Jerry had a great time exploring what’s possible with the MS-20.  A big thank you goes out to Nicola for coming to Club Weld and creating the opportunity.  You can hear a small grab of some of the sounds explored in the session by playing the video link.

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