Wednesday 7 October 2015

Wireless Psychics: Experiment #2 & #3 - Liquid Architecture 2015 - IMA Brisbane

Wireless Psychics: Experiment #2 - Telepathy Twins
From Wednesday 17 Jun, I will try and engage Ariel Garten in psychic tests to see if she can ‘sense’ what I am thinking. If she concedes to giving me a discount or endorsing me with her headband, I will leave these telepathic remarks through the data collection of her Muse app. On Wednesday 17 July I received the Muse headband (with a partial discount). The EEG headband connects via a patent Bluetooth carrier frequency (like Wi-Fi also in the 2.4Ghz range) and data from the App about my ability to calm my brainwaves and when and where i use the headband is sent via Wi-Fi from my phone to her company, Interaxon.

Wireless Psychics: Experiment #3 - Water & Wi-fi
I will determine the Wi-Fi frequencies in the room with my Wi-Fi Analyzer App. I tune the Microcube and 2 directional speakers to subharmonics of these specific frequency.Water in a pizza pan is on top of the Microcube and the water dances. the sounds in the room change as I move the speakers over different areas of the pan. The theremin and my own throat singing is used to illustrate the change in water patterns with frequency, inforcing the true Wi-Fi harmony.

(For LA2015: the Wi-Fi frequencies used were 2426MhZ and 2448MhZ).
Capitalist Surrealism
Wireless Psychics Experiments #2 & #3
".... If my brainwaves are calm for 5 seconds a bird comes (this is actually really hard)."

October 3, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane

Thanks to Alan Warren from Ipswich Photo

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