Sunday 2 June 2013

Sound Art Discography

all available on mail order thru nicolaisgreat( a t )
Equalizer 24K Demo 30min CD-R (2004)
Equalizer 24K Rockstar: Dull & Broken Hearted 30min CD-R(Spring 2012)
Equalizer 24K Tail of the Dragon 30 min CD-R (Summer 2012/13)
Equalizer 24K Autumn/Winter 2013
S&M (anthology of work with Simbi Dare) - 2hr DVD-R
ABBAABBA x 5 CD-R 30mins (2007-2009)
Wardenburger x 5 CD-R, C-60, C-90 (2012-2013)

breakdance the dawn
b.d.t.d 155 Club Sound Witches C-45 and CD-R(2012)
b.d.t.d 165 Club Sound Witches 'CSW' C-45 and CD-R (2012)
b.d.t.d 169 xwave - communication breakdown C-45 and CD-R(2012)
b.d.t.d 171 Girls Girls Girls C-45 and CD-R (2013)
b.d.t.d 172 Club Sound Witches 'Turboline' C-90 and CD-R (2013)
b.d.t.d 177 xwave - Newmarket
b.d.t.d 178 Bad Intentions 'over' (2013) C-45 and CD-R
b.d.t.d 185 Club Sound Witches
b.d.t.d 186 squiding - goin
b.d.t.d 187 Bad Intentions VHS, CD-R
b.d.t.d 191 offerings - mustang bar
b.d.t.d 196 Bad Intentions
b.d.d.d 200 E24K
b.d.t.d 211 Bitter Defeat
b.d.t.d 208 Club Sound Witches

smoking cones (breakdance the dawn tecno offshoot)
SC049/SC050 Club Sound Withces C-60
SC058 Club Sound Witches C-60

alberts basement
AB42 wardenburger - selftitled C-90
AB58  tracey - 100% humidity C-60

hashram037 wardenburger - stomach staircase fold 60 min CD-R
hashram038 wardenburger - environments 2xCD-R
hashram033 sixevennine - 3xCD-R

pulled out
xnobbqx/xwave split 7"

Bad Intentions - Everybody's Doing It C-90

musica dispersa
03 - Compilation Mechanique - Paranoia DL

national film and sound archive
Electric Pulse Music 1 - 4

*more info on bands below..

Club Sound Witches - tecno band that Nicola Morton and Matt Earle started, 'coz we love cheap electronic music and making mud pies', their synth and drum machines were under water for three days in the brisbane floods, they were donated to prevent them from self harming. it gave them a unique sound. muddy, wet and about to set this town on fire. Available at Volcanic Tongue (UK), Albert’s Basement (AU), Breakdance the Dawn (AU).

Equalizer 24K – solo rockstar Nicola Morton has bumjammed with famous people as a Berlin idiot sauvant but is now sitting in kitchens in Brisbane, Australia with no job prospects, too much heart and donated instruments like the ‘depressinator.’ What does it all add up to? Broken sound disco fever burning up your liver. Available at Albert’s Basement (AU), Breakdance the Dawn (AU)

S&M: This is a 2 hour DVD sampler of the works between Simbi Dare and Nicola Morton. They met in 2006 in Berlin and were discovered by Japanese-German Musician and artist, Hanayo, their works featuring in her books "MAGMA" and "hanayo's saugeile kumpels." Simbi Dare (from Bruno Wizard & the Homosexuals (NYC), yoga guru) and Nicola Morton (from Club Sound Witches, award winning film 'Remote Viewing Experiment #1') channel the puzzling traumas of dream and desire for social transformation. Wake up and contact them for more documents, dreams, drawings and dissertations: and

ABBAABBA: A free(k) improvisational group based on no restrain and inability to play instruments. Classified autists, dangers to society and washed up rock stars flow through Berlin and their membership in this Ensemble. Unstoppable Ritalin Retards. Core members: Nicola Morton (Club Sound Witches), Bastian Hagedorn (Ben Butler and Mousepad) and Matthew Bohan. Guests: Andrew Cvar (Jacki O Motherfucker), Mario Campos (The Klaxons-Gravity Rainbow), Samuel Forsythe (William Forsythe Dance Co), Tara Pattenden (Kunt), Peacho Noe (Wooden Veil), Johannes Brandl.

BAD INTENTIONS: seeing through looking over fading past, two girls. Nicola Morton and Rebecca Hlodich.

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