Thursday 4 October 2012

Ecstatic Breath Workshop for exist@QCA

Im a co-director at exist, an artist-run initiative that desperately needs more volunteer helpers. Anyway, this is part of a performance for the residency of amazing UK artists Zierle and Carter

I have been having a tuff time lately and been working on my ecstatic breath, unfortunately my crying breath has been winning out lately, but if people encourage me on the ecstacy hopefully ill get better.

Nicola Morton Ecstatic Breathing Workshop (26.09.2012) Performance 10min, Costume (contact microphones, cabling), Sound (body, contact microphones, newspaper, effects) at POP Gallery, Brisbane.
This performance presents Nicola’s latest research into shamanic trance, using a quick breath pranayama with the Butterfly pose. Her body is miked up and surrounded in newspaper. Effects are manipulated live to produce a trancelike rhythm and altered listening while the audience watch the durational repetitive movement.

exist@QCA Nicola Morton 'ecstatic breathing workshop' from nicola morton on Vimeo.

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