Sunday 3 June 2012

A Walk Walk With The Moon

Slow footsteps chasing ephemeral ecstacy,
Cautious conscious repetition for chance outcomes,
Planetary cycles, rubbish bins, shoes that no longer run
Musical connection in the void where words don’t mean a thing
these steps are my void reality wings
so i walk nowhere.

Free Improvised Music. Free Improvised Walking in search of provoking stimuli. The void connects concentric circles of chance. Architectural voids in undustrial wastelands, the heart void, the head void, the home void, all collapsing into one moment.

 "on the streets - be seen - as artists - as the fabric of culture - a fabric of change - a fabric of life- art walk walking art - walking - art” - Michael Mayhew

Released on vimeo click there: 6th June for Psycho Subtropics at Serial Space, Sydney

or with an alternative soundtrack

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