Monday 9 April 2012

Nicola&Noise: 10 Year Retrospective

Celebrating 10 years of myself in live noise music.

Equalizer 24K: 2012

Live at Intervention #5, Stefan's Skyneedle, South Brisbane. 2012

 Equalizer 24K: 2000-2003

 Sticker. Photo by Natalie.

Photo by Michelle Brown

 abbaabba: 2006-2009

Live at Wasted Festival, Transmediale, Berlin  2007
Photo by
Photo by Jason Forrest

Photo by Jason Forrest

Live at Aktoer and Vanner Theater, Gothenberg, Sweden. 2009.

Photo by Eric Westward
Photo by Eric Westward

Live at 1000fyrd, Aalborg, Denmark. 2009
Photo by Nuno Alexandre
Photo by Nuno Alexandre

Nicola composes Life is a Rubiks Cube: 2010

Live at Tidy Kid Space, Wooloongabba 2010

Nicola and Simbi: 2011 

Live at Bali Seamen's Club, Sanur, Indonesia 2011
Videostill by Irinka

Warden Burger: 2012

Live at Substation, Paddington, Brisbane 2012.

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