Monday 25 January 2010

MISSION CHEAT SHEET : for Spystation

I am turning the Loop Space Gallery, 109 Hunter St Mall into a spystation.

I have set missions for..

Hanayo (JP) Hitler in the Onsen Hunter
Melody Panosian (SE) Romance the Eurominable Snowman
Holly Fluxx and Oliver of the Sky (AU & NZ) Tie a Rainbow Ribbon
Kate Geck (AU) Battling in the 2.5th Dimension
Andrea Sham and Julien Konne (F) Wild Style Implants

and you can participate too.. come do my workshops (just $10) and complete one of these missions

MISSION 1: Follow a Cat INFO: There are rumours that cats are travelling through space and time in their own UFOs. We need to find out if this is true. Cats have a 6th sense, 9 lives and are creatures of the night. SPECIAL TALENTS: Stealth, Night Vision, See Around Corners RiISKS Cats dont like being followed. PRODUCTS:Maps, Photos, Recordings, Cat Language,

MISSION 2: Find the Piano Man INFO: The famous Piano Man is in Newcastle. He leaves his mark on Pianos. You must investigate as many pianos as possible.SPECIAL TALENTS: a good ear, friends in the piano moving business RISKS: The Piano Man could kill you with his Piano String PRODUCTS: Recordings, Maps, Photos, Stories about Piano Man

MISSION 3: Receiving/Sending Spy Signals from the Spy Tower. INFO: The Penis Tower near central is also a spy tower. This 2 weeks you will intercept signals from all over the galaxy. Send out your messages of Love and Peace SPECIIAL TALENTS: Night Vision, Weather balloons, Multi-Lingual. Morse Code RISKS: The other spies must not see you. PRODUCTS: Field Recordings, Interventions, Paper Aeroplanes, New Language.Videos

MISSION 4. Starbucks vs Totoro’s Teahouse INFO Find out if there is competition. Comparitive Analysis SPECIAL TALENTS: Rubbish finder, RISKS: Coffee is addictive. PRODUCTS: Interventions, Chalk, Coffee Cup Stains, Photos, New Coffee shop music

MISSION 5 Work Together (Double Agent) INFO One other spy is intercepting messages at the spy tower (the penis tower near central). You must document what this spy does, try and take as many photos or recordings of this spy near the tower. RISKS The other spy may not trust you. Work together or Be Stealthy PRODUCTS: Photos, Video Recordings, Story

MISSION 6 Be a mermaid/merman INFO You are a mythic creature , By behaving like a mermaid maybe we can learn more about them. SPECIAL TALENTS: Underwater, Waves, Wind, Siren Song RISKS; Don’t sell your tail to be human again PRODUCTS: UW Photos, Costume, Videos, Songs, Stories

MISSION 7: Horse Hair Magic INFO; Horse Hair could be magic. or psychedelic. Investigate peoples links with horses/horse products. Is there any magic or psychedelia? SPECIAL TALENTS: Horse Whisperer, & Peanut Butter Tricks RISKS: High Spies go AWOL PRODuCTS: Video Tests, Photos, Found Objects, Costume, Audio Recordings

MISSION 8: Creature from the Blue Lagoon INFO The creature from the Blue Lagoon can now morph into any wet person SPECIAL TALENTS: Shiny Detector RISKS: If any of these wet ppl are the Creature, you could be in trouble PRODUCTS: Collect Photos-Videos-Sounds Stories of wet people

MiSSION 9: Sexy Entanglements INFO Everyone loves a spy and Spystation will cut you free at the end of the month SPECIAL TALENTS: George Clooney Charm RISKS: Heartache and a bad reputation PRODUCTS: Photos of human, animal, plant entanglement, Sexy Phonecalls,, Stories

MISSION 10: Underground Village INFO Relatives of the Wombles and the Creatures from Fraggle Rock are reported to be living underground Newcastle. Discover their lair, language and customs SPECIAL TALENTS: Digging without damaging RISKS: Giant Ants PRODUCTS: Drawings, Audio Recordings, Stories

MISSION 11: Environmental Spy INFO Document positve and negative efforts 2wards conservation SPECIAL TALENTS: Green Party Membership and Midnight Oil CD RISKS Smelly toilets PRODUCTS: Photos of Rooms with Lights on and No one in them, Cars with single drivers, Bikes with multiple passengers, Toilets waiting to be flushed for a #2

MISSION 12: The Jogger Puppet INFO: Joggers are more likely to be terrorists. Follow the joggers around Newcastle. Document their beat and any suspicious activity SPECIAL TALENTS Speed or Turtle Power PRODUCTS: Photos, Videos, Audio Recordings