Sunday 18 October 2009

Express Exploration / I am a Field Recording Tour Guide / Brisbane

I am now offering field recording tours of Brisbane. AU$15/hour (thats only 7.50euro).

Get there fast and get those sounds, i can even hold ur digicam and i have spare bikes. Huge list of recording material and sites (see below) plus of course all the incidental things on the way. I gotta great ear!

Flora & Fauna
  • Birds (wetlands, bushlands, rainforest, tropical, urban
  • Insects & Arachnids (ants, mosquitos, spiders, scorpions / danger danger!)
  • Snakes (domesticated & wild)
  • Worm Farm, Silk worms
  • City Gardens, Botanical Gardens, my mum's garden, my friends' gardens
  • Dingoes & Dolphins (wild)
  • Nocturnal urban Possums
  • Australia Zoo or Bush Trek with me (platypi, cattle, kangaroos, koalas, birds)
  • Gum Leaves
  • Construction Sites (residential, industrial, railway, roads)
  • Cement Works
  • Docks
  • Rail yards
  • Shopping Centres/Malls
  • Beauty Shops (hair removal, fat removal, cosmetic tattoing)
  • The Cannery
  • Empty Silos
  • Warehouses (old and in use)
  • Markets (flea, wholesale fruit & veg, hippy)
  • Timber Mills
  • Brick Yards
  • Wrecking Yards, Steel Recyclers
  • Dump/Tip, Recycling Centre
  • Dispatch Centres, Catering.
  • Transport (trains, buses, citycat, planes big & small, american muscle cars, hot rods, jap drifters, trailbikes, roadmotorbikes, pushbikes, bmx)
  • Skyscraper Wind Tunnels
  • Museums
  • Islands & Sand Dunes
  • Beach (natural & artificial)
  • Water (river, canals, streams, mangroves, dams, reservoir)
  • Asian specialist (mum & friends' singing, karaoke, dancing, eating, shops, mah jong, martial arts, thai, filipina, chinese, vietnamese, indian, sri lankan, pakistani)
  • Stalking
  • Nightlife
  • Life on the Streets
  • Places of Worship (Catholic, Born Again- Chinese- Samoan- Christian
  • Water Sports (jet ski, dragon boat, rowing, racing, swimming, surfing etc
  • Educational Institutions (schools, english schools, university, PE class, technical and trade)
  • Old People's Homes & Gated Communities
  • Art Openings
  • Betting, Racing (horses, trots, dogs, stables, horse jumping, polo & dressage, pokies- electronic gambling, casino)
  • Aussie Sports (cricket, football, bowls, croquet, boxing)

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