Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Spyder Spout Movements I, II & 3 (Graphical Score) - made for Ptarmigan residency.

I made a graphicl score in the studio at ptarmigan for my spiders... out of glitter leaves hanging from threads and collecting dust on the floor, then they rearrange each other and move around. The final movement is in the video which I will post when people collected the horns and played them around and untangled and tangled each other. sticky.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

some live photos from Spyders and the Cult of Hide (Tacheles, Berlin, 13.08.09)

Join me as I try and communicate with the spider spirit..
Lots and lots more things each time..

Performance coming up - helsinki, ptarmigan - nilsiankatu 10. Monday 21st September

A Travelling Sideshow from Nicola Rocks. A particpatory performance involving imagination, chanting, hand made instruments, wit, music, puppets, singing, dancing, spread thru the audience with legs like spider and spun in circles, trying to catch some dinner.