Friday 14 August 2009

Spyders and the Cult of hide

Spyders and the Cult of hide

A Travelling Sideshow from Nicola Rocks – Every show a little bit same and every show a little bit different

A 30 minute performance involving poetry, imagination, chanting, hand made instruments, charming, wit, music, puppets, singing, dancing all from the one Nicola Rocks but spread thru the audience with legs like spider and spun in circles, trying to catch some dinner.

Spiders do not live so long and ever since Charlotte's Web, I have always been sad about the short life of a spider. An important aspect of the performance is the Cult of hide, a Japanese Kurt Cobain. Audience members will learn about the man, sing his songs and leave the venue having grieved his unfortunate passing. Forget Noise Folk, this is Funeral Folk. Lets all get arty and cry together..

LIVE DATES – Berlin 11.08.2009 at Tacheles and Helsinki19.09.2009 at Ptarmigan