Sunday 7 June 2009

1/05/09 bis ?? WWWolfpack - an outsider community


Have you ever tried to find something in/amongst the static of a television or radio?

wwwolfpack from nicola morton on Vimeo.

Please send me an mp3/picture/text or video about wolves, searching for love or aliens, or outsider communities.. I will explain..

I am doing this try-hard interactive piece which mimics the howl of a wolf.

i am trying to conceptually create a wolf pack which is compiled of media from people who are searching for something/somewhere outside what we have. be it love, aliens, wolves or whatever.

The video i did was me trying to get in touch with the wolf spirit by etching it on glass and foraging thru tapes and radio static using the etching as a guide.. (all i got was some dogs barking at me)

The contributions you will be able to see on and will be available on vinyl as part of an NY magazine multimedia pack

It doesnt have to be anything long or good or especially humourous.. just something that says u want out..

so please howl back, email the mp3 or stuff to me at wwwolfpackATgmailDOTcom

<3 nicola

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  1. has this wrapped up? can i still send you a contribution??