Monday, 22 June 2009

Video Responses for WWWolfpack

so yeah, to whet your appetite a little and for those of you who find it hard to go to a myspace URL

here are some responses i have already received..

wwwolfpack by Brain Hayden from nicola morton on Vimeo.

and the story at this link

and this pic
wolf from gfkh

Wolf Magazine Launch This Week

This Wolf Magazine I am a contributor for, is available now at Pro QM Almstadtstr. 48-50 10119 Berlin - 030 24728520

Drop by have a read and buy our magazine!!

I will give details of other stores where it is available, as i receive them!

Remember please send me your howls, my wolf pack is a tight bunch at the moment!! Maybe another kind of spirit animal would have been better :-)

HD wwwolfpack for 26.06.09 Magazine Launch from nicola morton on Vimeo.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

14/5/2009 Abbaabba CD Covers

i made 12 cd covers for my band. all individual.. all didnt sell on tour..

1/05/09 bis ?? WWWolfpack - an outsider community


Have you ever tried to find something in/amongst the static of a television or radio?

wwwolfpack from nicola morton on Vimeo.

Please send me an mp3/picture/text or video about wolves, searching for love or aliens, or outsider communities.. I will explain..

I am doing this try-hard interactive piece which mimics the howl of a wolf.

i am trying to conceptually create a wolf pack which is compiled of media from people who are searching for something/somewhere outside what we have. be it love, aliens, wolves or whatever.

The video i did was me trying to get in touch with the wolf spirit by etching it on glass and foraging thru tapes and radio static using the etching as a guide.. (all i got was some dogs barking at me)

The contributions you will be able to see on and will be available on vinyl as part of an NY magazine multimedia pack

It doesnt have to be anything long or good or especially humourous.. just something that says u want out..

so please howl back, email the mp3 or stuff to me at wwwolfpackATgmailDOTcom

<3 nicola

6/01/09 Brisbane Handdrawn maps - From Rusden Street to No-Nos

Part of a project of tara pattenden.

Battle Oracle for Mort aux Vaches Ekstra Extra

this is a conceptual score i have made for goodiepals mort aux vaches ekstra extra touring exhibition. it is delivered to be used in the war for a utopia in computer music. there are 8 scores for 8 players. the scores can be put on anything that is a musical object and played in a tactile or conceptual manner. some can be tied around things or blown on etc.. the scores are transparent because they see the future like an oracle. representations have been digitally consumed by the Trojan Horse Virus.

The physical objects remain and have become a part of Goodiepal's touring exhibition and has been on show at Harvard University, USA; Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, DK; Denfri Gallery, DK; F-15, Moss, NO.

foto by M Bauer

in exhibition at Denfri Gallery:

21/12/2008 Shanghai Noise Kid

could you believe this is the only video i have of my music performance.. there are lots of photos of our band at

1/11/2008 Video Performance at Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin

thanks to millie for recording this

1/6/2008 in Dazed & Confused Mag, Japan - Documentary Photography from Hanayo

hanayo also wrote some text about me but I cant understand it..

12/12/2006 Performed in Schlampampen, Orthodontic Aphrodesiac

Orthodontic Aphrodesiac 'Gold Teeth Master' CD+DVD is out on Jewish Noise JN06 2008.

I performed in the Schlampampen Feast - some of which is on the DVD above.

We took people on a trip to outer space in our space ship.. Late people were left outside and got no alien food. You can hear me nattering away on this video.

16/9/2005 bloodbath at the whitehouse

an alternative art space in brisbane called the white house was being curated by jesse sullivan, madeline king and madeline crawley??

on september 16, 2005 i made the opening for Bloodbath an installation/video

it has to do with subverting the traditional role of women as victims and just having fun with lots of fake blood. it was an installation and performance. earlier i had invited some ladies including Jodie Taylor, Leah Emery, and Kate McBean to perform with a bath of blood and props they could bring along for half an hour. The video was recorded and played at the opening the next day.. As you can see we left the space a bit of a mess with stuff on the walls and lots of wreckage on the floor.. at the opening the perfect lovers and botborg were invited to play along with the blood and the video from yesterdays performance. it was a bit of hell to clean up. but people looked like they had fun.

30/6/2004 as my thesis was getting finished, i started going crazy

so my thesis was about interactive music machines - i profiled a few - new machines mostly from Tod Machover Brain Opera (Sensor Chair, Rhythm Tree) and William Duckworth PitchWeb

because of this contact i created with my school and William Duckworth and Nora Farrell NY,and with my Musicology professor Vincent Plush - my music school made a part of an interactive opera directed by Duckworth and Farrel using their interactive instruments in 2007.

I will post my thesis online when i get back to australia.. reading it now, it seems kinda dated, but its always nice for a trip back to the late 90's being documented in the year 2004.


1/6/2004 i thought i was a robot

in the year 2004, i answered an ad that was put up in our music school from the art school, i made some photos with Natalie ??? (i lost her name with my music school email) i wanted to be a robot, but it ended up being more like a fashionshoot. because i guess if we had a choice we would want robots to be sexy ladies, and not actually look like a robot. the photo with simon in it (he is the first guy) won some kind of prize but i cant find the actual photo that won.. so i just put this one up. so that settles it, robots would be cool, funny strong men???

Introduction of sorts

So here I go in the blog world..

Recontextualising the common forms of communication

I love women, randomness, humour, naivety and political interest/disinterest.

I am into collectives and communities and would like to improve my communication skills.