Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Looking for new music?

The New Age Noise workshop participants (these are the electronic music production workshops for non CIS-males, that I help facilitate in Parramatta) select a track each week to start our workshops off..  Often there's a theme, but most importantly we post them on this tumblr, so we can re-visit any new jams.

.. I have found heaps of new music and I hope you will too..

Enquiring Minds Radio

There is a fantastic radio show produced in Melbourne that is dedicated to experimental music on the non cis-male end of the spectrum, it is called Enquiring Minds and is broadcast online via Noods Radio, Bristol.

Here is the link which features a jam I made with Del Lumanta, in our band, Cutlery.

And to take a look at more episodes try here.

Image result for cutlery band