Saturday, 28 November 2015

Wireless Psychics Experiment #10 for ARTCOP21

Thanks so much to the amazing Artists in Nature International Network.

Project is archived here:
I was hoping that our psychic perception which is aided with full moon can extend from perceiving wi-fi to perceiving greenhouse gases..

Photo Document:

Video Document

Last Week of HEADLAND exhibition

If you are near the Gold Coast, Please see HEADLAND a group exhibition responding to Burleigh Headland with Libby Harward, Alex Cuffe and myself.

14 November - 28 November

WIRELESSPSYCHICS EXPERIMENT #8 - Psychic Affinities for House Plants on 2400MHz and 4-150Hz 1mx3mx0.5m Participatory Installation with 1m high Philodendron Bipinnatifidum from Burleigh; 2 x Necomimi Brwainwave cat ears Headset; Basalt.

Photo courtesy of The Walls, by Alan Warren

Friday, 27 November 2015

#moonpsychics full moon november 2015 taurus again

so last full moon was in taurus again and louise and i were lucky enough to be right again.

pps. louise and I also did a control experiment four days later(85% visible moon) as part of ArtCop21.. Louise was right again!! I was wrong.. take a looksies here!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

#moonpsychic new moon scorpio

interesting new moon test at my uni campus. notorious for shit wi-fi i picked a spot that had no wi-fi at all. epic fail and no sound recorded. interesting coz a week later there was wi-fi there, those new wi-fi strengtheners must have been bought

i am also proud to say I have a friend who is at ease with her darker subconscious and able to use the new moon to predict wi-fi sweet spot, very well 30kbps (this is fast for out in the country :-)