Friday, 16 January 2015

Return to Nature: Frakreactor 4

we come together to heal and stop the frakking on the land of the rainbow serpent. we come in peace and offer our spontaneous creations to the land

the unbinding of creative energies amidst regions of raw natural power pronounces earth is a sacred being - our temple, our home 

- frakreactor 4, new years eve 2015, kyogle, NSW Australia.

Signed attendees and contributors:
henry mills, bonnie hart, jason bright, michael donnelly, max fowler-roy, samantha axiak, laura hill, marek rygielski, alan nguyen, matt earle, nicola morton, melanie jade simpson, patrick o'brien, nick dan, kelly keating, adam sussman, timmy joseph, leif gifford, ben hayes, rohan bridge, andrew boyd, lewis o'leary, alex cuffe, chelsea charlton, hayato, alex morrison, vick, xander, charlie, kat, beatrix, jethro.

videos to be premiered at Pizza Suicide Club Live TV event: O Tannenbaum, Berlin,  Jan 17

Monday, 12 January 2015

I used to live in Brisbane but now I'm fighting aliens!

hey i'm the last track on this most awesome sci-fi concept cassette about Brisbane. (can you see real bad music on the cover). out on virtual cool. thanks to matt kennedy. if you scroll down to the end of the post you can read my lyrics..

Launch Gig is on Friday Jan 16 at Bearded Lady. Capacity is 100 and there's lotsa popular bands playing so get there early?

Escape From Brisbane

by Excess














Escape From Brisbane is a concept album featuring instrumental compositions by Matt Kennedy (Kitchen's Floor, Eternal Soundcheck) and a variety of guest vocalists from the Brisbane music community.

Taking inspiration from low budget 80's sci-fi soundtracks, the album is intended as a warped time capsule to preserve the personality of independent Brisbane music circa 2014/2015. Recorded over a period of 6 months, Escape From Brisbane features vocal contributions from 14 of the cities most interesting and unique musicians. Gerald Keaney (Gerald Keaney & The Gerald Keaneys), Bek Moore (Clag, Scrabbled), Mark Spinks (Gravel Samwidge), Bobby Bot (Wonderfuls), Leighton Craig (Primitive Motion), Lizley (Bitchratch), Sean & Chris Campion (Multiple Man), Dan & Sarah Spencer (Blank Realm), Andrew McLellan (Cured Pink), Sandra Selig (Primitive Motion), Conwae Burrell (Extrafoxx), and Nicola Morton (Club Sound Witches, Equalizer 2K). The cover artwork was painted by Dusty Anastassiou (Dag, Scrabbled).

I used to live in Brisbane (ft. nicola morton) 
It started with seeing weird things in the sky
Travelling so fast in the blink of an eye
Then I’d wake up with weird things in my hand
One day I awoke with a wedding band
Scars on my skin that can’t be explained
Plus that feeling that id illegally detained
I tried all the time to contact them
But they’d only ever take me at a time that suits them

I used to live in Brisbane but now im fighting aliens (fighting aliens)
I used to live in Brisbane but now im fighting aliens (fighting aliens)

Fighting rednecks was never good for me
Im not so strong and my reach isn’t long
Now how do I know whos the enemy
They’re green and got in for you and me
Century wars occur thru galaxies
I joined the universal light force to fight the baddies
My weapon is the light that was always inside me
Earths run by villians who’ve destroyed the light key.

I used to live in Brisbane but now Im fucking aliens (fucking aliens)
I used to live in Brisbane but now im fucking aliens (fucking aliens)

It started with the wedding band I found on my hand
And continued with a kiss that took me from the land
The aliens have the key to the light inside of you
Once you’re unlocked, there’s a lot of good to do.
Some aliens are bad, some aliens are sad,
Some aliens are sexy, some aliens on dexy’s
Some aliens are supportive, some aliens are protective,
Some aliens can get u in bed, some aliens fuck with your head
But I still fuck the ones I love, that have taken me to the above.

I used to live in Brisbane but now I’m fighting aliens (fighting aliens)
I used to live in Brisbane but now I’m fighting aliens (fighting aliens)
I used to live in Brisbane but now I’m fucking aliens (fucking aliens)
I used to live in Brisbane but now I’m fucking aliens (fucking aliens)

I used to live in Brisbane but now I’m fucking alien.

Thursday, 8 January 2015


The video was made on the leaving of Real Bad Music, the repetition of OM SHRI MAHA LAKSHMIYAI NAMAHA is traditionally for healing and prosperity, but as the form and formlessness and neithher form nor formlessness, we chant for extinction of prosperity of one over another.

I do a pre-meditation yoga flow from "Warrior and Goddess"'s Riss Carlyon 

Here is the diagram

Here is the video


Tuesday, 6 January 2015

G20 Survivalist Strategies

When the government turns to shit, we are gonna escape. Our land is wide and has everything we need to survive. So when the world leaders head to Brisbane for the G20 summit, we escape. A gallant few brave the 40 degree celsius day to protest but the majority head out to the wild, to camp, to survive without the big businesses, to survive without coucils and the governments. We protest with our absence, what is a government, when the people aren't there to be governed.

Here are our photos of protest.