Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Sand Games - A Tutorial for Children

slide to 1:30 on the patrick dixon one, holy shit, chips size of grain of sand growing in brain cells..eek!

destroying computers to the 90s soundtrack


I also have plans to conduct a lesson for school children about the origins of silicon, complete with science experiments, explosions and me filling computers with sand.

Does anyone have a class of children or science centre, I could do this at..


Monday, 27 July 2009

Bio Arte International

"Everyone has a best friend during each stage of life – only a precious few have the same one."

I would like to put this on in a gallery where lots of dog owners go.. does anyone have any ideas??

Quick Description: An demonstration from Bio Arte International, a (fake) new life science company. The demonstration will be advertised, 2 Scientists from Bio Arte will be cloning a dog in the gallery room. (too much text to explain how, write me to find out how)

Keywords and Themes for Bio Arte International: Futurism in the 21stC, Humour in Art, Science, Dogs, Cloning

Spystation NC1074

1) Spystation NC1074 - 1 month shopfront performance/installation in Newcastle, a spystation for the people, informing about venues and artists from around the world (including Australia), conducting language classes, the function of technology in art process/research.

I have sent a couple of proposals out in the last month. Here is one.. of course none of these are approved yet, please let me know if you know of anyone/where else that I could put these on.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Wolf Magazine Available at Motto and Pro QM in Berlin


Here is a video of the wolf magazine, it is fantastic and im really excited about being part of it. You can buy it at Motto or Pro QM in Berlin, More news on New York locations later..