Wednesday 2 May 2012

My Friends (Albie Thoms)

Albie Thoms is an Australian film genius, to pay respect to his wonderful films and video portraiture, one day i might make my own marinetti.. but right now here is a playlist from my youtube videos of my wonderful friends. Chat history- Me:"The only people who will let me film them are my friends and crazy people" Kristi: "Stick to it"
 1) One Week in Sao Paulo - The hip video artist crowd sings Karaoke: Federico Lamas, supported by Dan Halter, Orit Ben Shitrit, Marcio Harum, S Shaun Gladwell, Tim Webster, Angelica Mesiti, Jose Romero. People always clap and whistle after I finish a Karaoke tune.. maybe Federico is my soulmate?
2) Bonnie Party Jam - Brisbane is tearing a hellsmouth to the "eternal psych party," this is an awesome jam featuring Bonnie, Mel and Adam Sussman. Improvised Music Forever!
3) A Love Spell: An Indonesian Wedding - Rebecca, Francesca, Marisa and I cast our love spells after watching footage I shot from Kristi's Wedding in Jogja.
4) Nicola Morton Interviews: Rachel Neden - This is part of the "Charlatans and My Magic Face" DVD. Interviews with beauty therapists and blindfolded punters at galleries about the esoteric secrets of facial beauty, where my face becomes the relational object (Lygia Clark)
5) 2010: The End of Capitalism - the bursting of the Berlin bubble, a satire of monumentality, the Tristan and Isolde chord (most recently used monumentally in Lars Von Trier's "Melancholia" Part 1 features Yoko, Robyn, Erin and Elisabeth
6) + 7) Remote Viewing Experiment: Rin and Holly from the "Remote Viewing Experiment #1" DVD. The work is an artistic reading of a military experiment conducted to test relations established on a psychic level. The artist invites friends and strangers to exchange objects from a range of different settings. Each participant must then attempt to describe the place the object came from. As the film examines private spaces and the meanings of their constituent parts, it pursues a subtle contemplation of the existence of intercommunicating psychic frequencies.

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